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    Huge Sell/Trade List! Rookies, Autos, Game Used, And more!

    Looking to do some spring cleaning! Would like to sell or trade these. Would trade for anyone that catches my eye. Will look at lists or sites. Really would like to trade for anyone in my sig or dallas cowboys cards. Would sell for money orders, cash, or paypal. Thanx for looking!

    Game Used and Autos

    Brian Urlacher 2005 Upper Deck ESPN Sportscenter Swatches Jersey
    Corey Simon 2003 Upper Deck Honor Roll Dean's List Jersey
    Musa Smith Rookie Premiere 2003 Topps Pristine Jersey
    William Green 2002 Topps Pristine NFL Reebok Rookie Premiere Jersey
    Michael Bennett 2002 Upper Deck Ovation Bound for Glory Jersey
    Ray Lewis 2002 Upper Deck Piece of History Big Game Jersey
    Jay Riemersma 2002 Pacific Exclusive Jersey
    Terrell Davis 1999 Collector's Edge Odyssey Game used Football Hologold
    Torry Holt 1999 Collector's Edge 1st Place Game used Football Hologold
    Josh Reed 2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars Freshman Orientation Jersey #'d 607/650
    Kordell Stewart 2000 Pacific Jersey
    Chris Taylor/Darnerien McCants 2001 Titanium Double-sided jerseys
    Tim Brown 2000 Pacific Jersey
    Plaxico Burress 2000 Pacific Auto
    Anthony Thomas 2001 Pacific Atomic Jersey
    Mac Cody 2001 Pacific Atomic Jersey
    J.J. Stokes 2001 Pacific Atomic Jersey
    Curtis Martin 2002 Playoff Piece of the Game Jersey
    Corey Dillion 2000 Playoff Absolute Leather and Laces Game Used Football #'d 178/350
    Marvin Harrison 2004 Ultra Performers Jersey
    Michael Turner 2004 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Jersey #'d 017/100
    Aaron Walker 2003 Topps All American Fabric of America Jersey
    Derrick Brooks 2000 Bowman's Best All-pro Jersey
    Jeff Garcia 2001 Private Stock Patch #'d 193/250
    Deltha O'neal 2001 Private Stock Jersey
    Steve Beuerlein 2001 Private Stock Jersey
    Kwane Cavil 2001 Private Stock Jersey
    Joe Jurevicius 2001 Private Stock Jersey (2)
    Brad Hoover/Steve Beuerlein 2001 Titanium Double-sided Jerseys
    Bobby Newcombe/Arnold Jackson 2001 Titanium Double-sided Jerseys
    Rudi Johnson/James Jackson 2001 Titanium Double-sided Jerseys
    Frank Sanders/Terrell Owens 2001 Titanium Double-sided Jerseys
    Ricky Williams 2001 Titanium Post Season Jersey
    Warrick Dunn 2001 Titanium Post Season Jersey
    Lane Danielson 2004 Bazooka College Collection Jersey
    Derek Abney 2004 Bazooka College Collection Jersey
    Lee Evans 2004 Bazooka Originals Jersey
    La'Roi Glover 2004 Bazooka All-stars Jersey
    Orlando Pace 2004 Bazooka All-stars Jersey
    Dre Bly 2004 Bazooka All-stars Jersey
    Marco Rivera 2004 Bazooka All-stars Jersey
    Brock Marion 2004 Bazooka All-stars Jersey
    Quincy Morgan 2001 Upper Deck Vintage Rookie Jersey
    Jeremy Shockey 2003 Upper Deck Standing O Jersey
    Jim Kleinsasser 2002 Atomic Jersey
    Kevin Ware 2003 Upper Deck Honor Roll Dean's List Jersey
    Ricky Watters 2002 Private Stock Patch #'d 057/157
    Tony Richardson 2004 Bazooka All-stars Jersey
    Kimble Anders 2001 Private Stock Jersey
    Peter Warrick 2001 Sp Authentic Jersey
    Daunte Culpepper 2004 Fleer Authentix Jersey #'d 173/350
    Reidel Anthony 2001 Atomic Patch
    Travis Stephens 2002 Upper Deck Glory Cound Jersey
    Rod Woodson 2001 Stadium Club Jersey
    Warrick Dunn 2002 Pacific Jersey
    Jimmy Smith 2002 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Glove #'d 25/50
    La'Roi Glover Jerseyh/John Henderson Rookie 2002 Titanium Jersey #'d 0152/1100
    Mark Brunell 2001 UD Game Gear Jersey
    Fred Taylor 2002 Private Stock Jersey
    Donald Hayes Jersey/Deion Branch Rookie Jersey #'d 206/500
    Ben Watson 2004 Bazooka Originals Jersey
    Damon Huard Jersey/Rohan Davey Rookie Jersey #'d 158/300
    Ray Lewis 2001 UD Game Gear Jersey
    Rod Woodson 2000 Revolution Jersey #'d 0755/1145
    Jimmy Smith 2001 Fleer Gametime End Zone Pylon
    Michael Bishop 1999 Collector's Edge Auto #'d 1827/2200
    Rohan Davey 2002 Topps Pristine Auto
    Tiki Barber 2001 UD Pros and Prospects Jersey
    Wayne Chrebet/Dwight Stone/Vinny Testaverde 2001 Impressions Jersey
    Reidel Anthony/Jacquez Green/Keyshawn Johnson 2001 Impressions Jersey
    Corey Chavous 2002 Private Stock Jersey
    Duce Staley 2003 Upper Deck Jersey
    Ernie Conwell/Chris Gedney 2001 Vangaurd Double-sided Jerseys
    Jimmy Smith Jersey/Marquise Walker Rookie Jersey 2002 Titanium #'d 367/500
    Dewayne Robertson 2003 Bowman Draft Day Selections Jersey
    Rich Gannon 2003 Upper Deck Finite Jerseys
    Tom Tupa 2000 Finest Moments Jersey
    William Green 2002 Bowman's Best Jersey
    Tim Brown 2002 Private Stock Jersey
    Travis Taylor 2000 Pacific Auto
    Drew Brees/Doug Flutie Upper Deck Honor Roll Jersey
    Aaron Mundy 1994 Signature Rookie Auto #'d 6979/7750
    Chris T. Jones Signature Rookies Auto #'d 144/3000
    Jamar Fletcher 2001 Press Pass Auto
    Damon Griffin 2002 Private Stock Patch #'d 022/248
    Steve Beuerlein 2001 Private Stock Jersey
    Jason Sehorn 2002 Playoff Preferred Jersey #'d 003/400
    Brandon Doman 2002 Bowman's Best Auto
    Charles Lee 2001 Private Stock Jersey
    Dan Morgan 2001 Titanium Jersey
    Wesley Walls/Frank Wycheck 2001 Vanguard Double-sided Jerseys
    Andre Davis 2002 Leaf Certified Freshman Fabrics Jersey #'d 325/800
    Phillip Rivers 2005 Upper Deck Game Jersey
    Ron Johnson 2002 Titanium Post Season Jersey #'d 032/435


    2005 topps deuce mcAllister throwback
    2005 topps total dwight freeney total award winner
    2005 topps glistening gold daunte culpepper
    2005 topps domanick davis throwback
    2005 topps reggie wayne throwback
    2005 topps brian westbrook throwback
    2005 topps tiki barber throwback
    (2)2005 topps tony gonzalez throwback
    2005 topps fred taylor throwback
    2005 topps jamal lewis throwback
    2005 topps marc bulger throwback
    2005 topps steven jackson hidden gold
    2005 topps peyton manning gold nuggets
    2005 topps jerome bettis gold nuggets
    2005 topps ronnie lott golden greats
    2005 topps total total topps daunte culpepper
    2005 topps total total topps curtis martin
    2005 topps total total production marvin harrison
    2005 topps total total award winner corey dillon
    2005 topps chris gamble hidden gold
    2005 topps shaun alexander glistening gold
    2005 topps donovan mcnabb glistening gold
    2001 titanium daunte culpepper monday knights
    2002 absolute memorabilia tott travis henry
    2000 fleer mystique kurt warner numbers game
    2004 topps bazooka jerry rice comic
    2004 topps bazooka ricky williams comic
    2003 upper deck mvp talk of the town clinton portis
    2004 topps bazooka tom brady comic
    (2)2002 titanium brett favre shadows
    2000 omega peter warrick electro-optical portraits
    2003 playoff prestige inside the numbers rich gannon #'d 0046/2002
    2003 upper deck donovan mcnabb super powers
    2002 head up joey harrington head first
    2000 pacific rich gannon pro bowl insert
    2001 atomic jamal lewis core players
    2001 atomic mark brunell statosphere
    2001 atomic mike anderson core players
    2000 collectors edge first place adrenaline brett favre
    2000 pacific jason hanson bronze #'d 14/75
    2000 pacific keith poole premiere date #'d 21/78
    2000 private stock marcus robinson premiere date #'d 82/95
    2000 black diamond cade mcnown gold #'d 0081/1000
    2002 playoff honors O's brian griese #'d 045/100
    2000 pacific ricky williams crown die-cuts
    2005 playoff prestige aaron brooks stars of the nfl
    2002 upper deck sunday stars ahman green
    2002 adrenaline playmakers kurt warner
    2004 ultra shaun alexander ultra performers
    2000 upper deck powerdeck brock huard disc
    2002 titanium koren robinson blue #'d 022/325
    2000 aurora styrotechs jon kitna
    2000 upper deck powerdeck dan marino disc
    2000 upper deck powerdeck david boston disc
    2000 paramount stephen davis bronze plate
    2000 upper deck powerdeck akili smith disc
    2004 ultra rushing kings ahman green
    2004 ultra ultra performers donovan mcnabb
    2002 titanium monday knights jerome bettis
    2004 score score card joey harrington #'d 365/625
    2001 fleer hot prospects honor guard jerome bettis
    2005 zenith autumn warriors corey dillon/clinton portis
    2002 leaf certified certified futures julius peppers
    2002 leaf certified certified futures joey harrington
    2002 titanium monday knights antwaan randle el
    1997 pinnacle inscription v2 kordell stewart
    2005 topps all american reggie mckenzie chrome #'d 043/555
    2005 topps all american roland jmes gold chrome #'d 310/555
    2000 pacific marcus jones bronze #'d 71/75
    2000 pacific john lynch premiere date #'d 29/78
    2000 pacific raghib ismail bronze #'d 71/75
    2001 atomic randy moss core players
    2000 collector's edge odyssey last man standing brett favre #'d 1911/2500
    2002 titanium randy moss shadows
    2005 upper deck rookie materials brett favre icons
    2001 atomic team nucleus kurt warner/marshall faulk/isaac bruce
    2001 atomic team nucleus doug flutie/drew brees/ladainian tomlinson
    2002 playoff prestige inside the numbers brett favre #'d 0279/2002
    1997 ud3 eye of a champion brett favre
    2002 titanium monday knights donovan mcnabb
    2000 pacific mark brunell reflections


    2001 contenders adam archuleta rookie ticket
    (2)2005 topps ryan moats rookie
    2005 topps roddy white rookie
    2005 topps total j.j. arrington rookie
    2005 zenith roll call ryan moats rookie
    2005 score roddy white rookie
    (2)2005 topps total alex smith te rookie
    2005 topps mike williams rookie
    2005 topps matt jones rookie
    2005 topps demarcus ware rookie
    2005 topps total silver mark clayton rookie
    2005 topps total silver chris henry rookie
    2005 topps total ryan fitzpatrick rookie
    2005 score derrick johnson rookie
    2005 score marcus spears rookie
    2005 score stefan lefors rookie
    2005 score shaun cody rookie
    2005 topps draft picks and prospects adam jones rookie
    2005 upper deck rookie prospects terrence murphy
    2005 topps stefan lefors rookie
    (2)2005 topps adam pac man jones rookie
    2005 topps adrian mcpherson rookie
    2005 topps eric shelton rookie
    (2)2005 topps total braylon edwards rookie
    2005 topps mark clayton rookie
    2005 topps carlos rodgers rookie
    (2)2005 topps total heath miller rookie
    2005 topps ciatrick fason rookie
    2005 topps erasmus james rookie
    2005 topps darren sproles rookie
    2005 topps total kyle orton rookie
    2005 topps david pollack rookie
    2005 topps marcus spears rookie
    2005 topps andrew walter rookie
    2005 topps maurice clarett rookie
    2005 topps total derrick johnson rookie
    2005 topps bazooka stefan lefors rookie
    2005 topps bazooka darren sproles rookie
    2004 upper deck prosigs tatum bell rookie
    2000 pacific dennis northcutt rookie
    2003 upper deck mvp terrell suggs rookie
    2002 titanium randy moss/donte stallworth rookie
    2001 atomic steve smith rookie #'d 153/506
    2003 topps pristine taylor jacobs rookie #'d 1350/1499
    2002 topps pristine jason mcaddley rookie #'d 297/999
    2001 upper deck vintage alge crumpler rookie
    2002 topps gallery maurice morris rookie
    2004 fleer lee evans/bernard berrian/derrick hamilton triple rookie
    2003 presspass carson palmer big numbers
    2002 titanium takeo spikes/roy williams rookie
    2002 score deion branch rookie
    2002 upper deck mvp julius peppers rookie
    2002 topps pristine patrick ramsey rookie #'d 791/999
    2001 titanium post season a.j. feeley rookie #'d 221/795
    2002 topps pristine williams green rookie
    1999 bowman torry holt rookie
    2004 ultra michael clayton rookie
    2004 ultra tatum bell rookie
    2001 titanium post season jamie winborn rookie #'d 740/795
    2001 topps debut josh heupel rookie #'d 1105/1499
    2000 pacific marcus knight rookie #'d 377/999
    2002 adrenaline brian westbrook rookie
    2002 titanium donald hayes/deion branch rookie blue #'d 254/325
    2003 upper deck kareem kelly rookie- BV $4
    2002 adrenaline atrews bell rookie blue #'d 012/165
    2003 topps total byron leftwich rookie
    2003 presspass carson palmer paydirt
    2002 upper deck mvp roy williams rookie
    2002 bowman lito sheppard rookie
    (2)2002 bowman roy williams rookie
    2000 fleer marc bulger/terrelle smith rookie watch
    2003 upper deck mvp larry johnson rookie
    2001 crown royale michael bennett 21st century rookies
    2002 upper deck mvp antwaan randle el rookie
    2000 aurora chad pennington rookie
    2000 skybox marc bulger rookie
    2003 upper deck mvp byron leftwich rookie
    2003 upper deck terrell suggs rookie premieres
    2001 atomic rookie reaction duece mcallister
    2001 atomic freddie mitchell rookie #'d 136/506
    2002 titanium jerry rice/ashley lelie rookie
    2003 upper deck mike doss rookie
    2000 pacific chad pennington rookie
    2005 topps total troy williamson rookie
    2005 topps charlie frye rookie
    2005 topps mike williams rookie
    2003 upper deck justin gage rookie
    2002 adrenaline donte stallworth rookie
    1995 signature rookies chris jones #'d 144/3000 auto rookie

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    I like quite a few... can u check my trade page below and LMK if u like anything? thanks...

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    Lane Danielson 2004 Bazooka College Collection Jersey just to much?

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    the best I could do is 4 dlvd. lmk. 2 is just stupid because shipping would be about 60 cents plus the bubble mailer. The cards books for 8 so I would be making about 13% of bv not including postage.

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    Game Used and Autos

    Brian Urlacher 2005 Upper Deck ESPN Sportscenter Swatches Jersey
    Ray Lewis 2002 Upper Deck Piece of History Big Game Jersey
    Derrick Brooks 2000 Bowman's Best All-pro Jersey
    Rod Woodson 2001 Stadium Club Jersey
    Ray Lewis 2001 UD Game Gear Jersey
    Rod Woodson 2000 Revolution Jersey #'d 0755/1145
    Dan Morgan 2001 Titanium Jersey

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