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    Have $100+!!! Not necessarily spending it all...just seein' what's out there!!

    Made a few sales last lookin' to pick up PC.

    Prefer lots w/scans & prices...below ebay.

    Gonna field at least 10 offers before deciding.
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    Football Bucket
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    Baseball Bucket:
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    Probably can't help with PC tj, but give my bucket a look. May have some trade bait you may like?

    Tom Brady, Drew Bledsoe

    Bucket: Hidden Content
    PM me if you are interested in a trade!!

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    i dont think i have any packers stuff but a little bit of everything else..lmk Pictures by AirMcNair420 - Photobucket
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    trading for derrick rose, k durant, lebron or kobe auto or patch auto. pm please

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    Sorry guys...only into PC.
    Have $123.
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