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    I have all my cards sorted this way:

    1. Hall of Famers - By Name
    2. Retired NHL Players, soon to be in the Hall - By Name
    3. Past Stars on the Hall of Fame fence but should go - Like Housley, Cujo, Bondra, - By Name again
    4. Current Stars - By Name
    5. Sub-stars By Name and Team a bit of both.

    6. Bums - By how big of a bum they are/were - Rob Niedermayer, Joel Quenville, Pat Quinn, Peter Ing, etc.

    7. Pylons - Defensemen that were turnstiles their whole career - Doug Houda, Doug Zmolek, Sergei Gonchar, etc.

    8. Red Line Rosies or Cherry Pickers - Bernie Nicholls, Brian Leetch, Sergei Conchar, Tomas Sandstrom etc.

    9. Turds - Guys that should never have been in the NHL - Phil Sykes, Dave Semenko, Rocky Thompson, Mike Eagles, Houda, etc.

    10. Stick Hacks, Slashers, Punks, Divers - Floppa, Tony Granato, Dustin Brown, Matt Cooke, Chris Avery, Corey Perry

    11. Fighters - Guys that could actually Throw'Em - Larry Playfair, Bob Probert, Craig Coxe, Dave Brown, Kelly Chase etc.

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    My traders are sorted by Year, Product, and then by card #. My sets are organized in stack-able 200 or 400 count plastic boxes. I then have my Red Wings, Flyers & PC players base/inserts $20.00 or less in penny sleeves in a 5000 count box the same way my traders are. Autos & GU'd $20.00 or less are in mini binders. Cards $25.00 or more are in top loaders or snap tites in a separate box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Bray View Post
    Do you have any division by years ? -- such as 70`s , 80`s and 90`s or anything like that -- I`m thinking of keeping the older years ( maybe pre- Upper Deck ) seperate just by year -- and the more modern sorted like you have by team in monster boxes --
    Considering i'm 25 in July. I have stuff from the 91-92 Pro Set to current. Its just by team, not decade.
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    I just have the tradelist cards separated by team and the same for the base cards as well in that they are separated by team. Lmk when youre done sorting btw as I would love to send out these Preds for a pc base lot in return.
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    Upper Deck Series 1/2 base card set for each year in a binder. A mix of nice base cards (Dominion, Prime, Cup, Ultimate Collection, Artifacts, Donruss Elite, etc base) for the award winners and who I felt were the best players from the season before in the front of the binder. A card from the last season produced possible along with any other cards I had of that player for the players who played their last season the year before. So each binder is a scrapbook.

    I only started doing this for the 2010-11 season so for the ones before, I just have binders for cards of a list of around 800 notable retired players sorted by decade. Have a bunch of extra ones like some late 2000s Collector's Choice cards and O-Pee-Chee which I'll keep separate and once the player retires in the future, I'll put them together with the rest of his cards I have excluding the Upper Deck Series 1/2 in each binder.

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    I have 2 5,000 count boxes and another 3,000 count box with base sorted by team. It's fun to just pull a stack of cards and look back through a team's (recent) history. It works for me. :)
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    I usually just fill up a 5000 count box then bring it in to the LCS and trade it in for a few packs or something (they use the base for grab bags)
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    So far I`ve managed to sort by team almost 45,000 base -- just a couple thousand here and there about every night before bed. Actually been pretty fun , I`ve actually enjoyed doing it - somewhat relaxing . Actually found a few suprises while doing it , some nice 90`s inserts mixed in .
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    Right now I have base that I don't want scattered in the boxes they were pulled from and in binders. PC base are in boxes fairly unorganized but im in the process of putting them (and non-base PC) in a spreadsheet so I know what I have and don't have.

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    I have my ~50,000 sorted by year, brand and number as a previous poster said. I have decided to take it to the next level and actually inventory them on Microsoft Excel and Beckett because there are team and player collectors and set builders that actually can use the stuff. It has given me an edge when putting good trades together, and since I enjoy the time spent with the hobby I don't mind. I just actually won an eBay auction for a 2,000 count box so we'll see how long it takes to sort, inventory and put away.

    I usually go in this order:
    1) In Beckett I'll enter massive cards into My Inventory under their own collection name.
    2) Mark them all as "Have 1" and "Have 1 For Trade"
    3) Fill in any extra quantities manually
    4) Display them with their BV
    5) Copy and Special Paste as Unicode Text into Excel
    6) Fix formatting to make them sortable by adding the team and name in the right places (this part takes a while)
    7) Add the new collection to the total list in Beckett.
    8) Put them away by year, set and number (this is the easy part)

    It takes a long time. Maybe an hour for a stack of cards, 2 hours for 1,000 but I do it for the love of the hobby and its what I spend my free time with.

    The upside is that when somebody needs something I can check my Excel file rather than dig through my collection for it.
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