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Thread: Do you have collecting ideas?

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    Do you have collecting ideas?

    What's up all?

    In the spirit of boredom I've decided to post this up.

    I have had passing thoughts of a new collecting angle. Or simply put a prefered way to collect cards.

    One of my ideas was to collect one common card from every set ever made, in every sport. This would include the base sets, insert serts, parallel sets, autograph sets, and so forth. So when there was a set made, then in doing this I'd want one common card from each. I haven't sat down to number how many total sets this would be as it likely is a pretty number considering interest in every sport and all the different sets out there.

    One reason I wanted to do this was to educate myself on all the cards out there in the hobby which would help me to be better fit for trading and selling.

    I'm sharing this approach because I thought it was rather unique. Perhaps even someone can "borrow" it, or modify it a bit, if they think it's cool.

    Let's see some of your thoughts!


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    Probably would be very hard to do even if you just did for one sport though something like basketball might be more doable. The sets with tons of parallels and 1/1s will make the task near impossible. Also a cut off point might be a good idea because you have cards going back to the 1800s in baseball. An awesome idea though if you do take up the challenge.
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    Yeah right a lot of darn sets eh. With there being 8-10 parallels a product these days, that's pure work all around. Yeah talk about a fun idea though. I shouldn't have shared it, it's all mine now! :P


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    While its a great idea a plus would be how uniforms of certain teams chaged through the years. The downside is finding a card that have simular designs case in point the Topps & OPCs or the Donruss/Leaf sets or I'm not into basketball but a dealer friend told me that a remade set that is based on just 3 cards in the set to create a newer expanded version so that's something to think about. Plus you've to think of cards like the Topps Valenzulians & UD Japanese NBA & Topps Japanese baseball. As my colleague Pwaldo it sounds like a great challenge if your up to it keep us posted in how it goes.
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    For baseball it would be near impossible with all of the regional issues & such. Also when you take into consideration some of the older Topps test issues like the 1966 Punch-outs. I have only heard of 2 of the cards from that set ever going up for auction, & those were at major auction houses, not on eBay. If I remember correctly the Koufax?Yastrzemski card sold for near $7000 & the Mays/Conigliaro, which sold a few years later brought in somewhere around $25000-$30000.
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    I'm always looking for a new angle myself. So let me ask you this, do you have any kids? I have 2 girls, one born in 2009 and one due in august. So here's my new angle. I am going to try and piece as many sets from 2009 and 2013 as I can. for the overlapping sports like hockey and basketball, I'll be doing 2008-09 and 2012-13 because that's when we found out we were expecting, in 08 and 12. I sure this is pretty lame by most standards but I think it's cool. I figure when they get married I'll sell off the collections to provide them a nice little wedding gift of some sort. Anyway that's my new angle.
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    The theme of my collection is to collect as many football and basketball rookies and autos as I can as well as getting as many base cards autographed IP/TTM as I can. I know that I will never be able to get one of each rookie or auto. I'm just picking up what I can for fun. If you going into it with the mindset that you will get what you can within your limits and don't get frustrated because you cannot collect everything you will do just fine and have a lot fun in the process.
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