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Thread: Ridiculous Deal!

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    Yes all soccer items included, Black Friday stuff is ALL off limits unless someone is offering on the whole set, then I MIGHT consider

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    OK, I just want to clarify something, some people have asked me what I consider premium items, basically asking what would be 100 dollars even. Here is a small list with an example of what would be in that range.
    Colin Kaepernick Autographed Pylon
    Alfred Morris Autographed Pylon
    Coln Kaepernick Autographed 11x14
    Drew Brees Autographed Football
    Blake Griffin Autographed Jersey
    Philip Rivers Autographed Football
    Kevin Durant 11x14 Autographed
    Carmelo Anthony Jerseys

    Thats just so everyone has an idea here, a lot of people were getting confused and I suppose thats my fault, hopefully this will clarify.

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    looking at the peyton manning auto helment rg111 jersey and helment and the luck mine helment what kinda prices are yuo looking for on them

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    Do you have any authenticated Jordan autos available?
    Always looking for Eric Davis cards/items to add to my collection:
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    No I do not have any authenticated Jordan's left, if I come across one in my travels I will try and trade for it.

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    How much individually for
    Gale Sayers mini
    Phil Simms mini
    Ryan Braun auto card

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