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Thread: Mailing Cards question

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    Question Mailing Cards question

    I have mailed low end card in regular envelopes with top loaders and penny sleeves.
    Usually i throw them in a envelope wrapped in a piece of paper with info on it(paypal or whatever), slap two stamps on it just in case and it gets mailed and arrives fine.

    But when i go into the post office to pay cause i dont have any stamps this happens:
    The lady weighs it.
    Feels it up likes she is pack searching, usually like a stress test to see the stiffness.
    then i get charged over $2

    I was gonna ask why but there is always a line. Does anyone know why?

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    I believe they slap on a "non machinable" charge.

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    I usally drop cards off like you describe in the mail slot inside the local post office or leave them in the mailroom at my job and hardly ever have an problems with the post office requesting extra postage. You may want to try that or prehaps another post office.
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    You can also just buy stamps from the lady and put them on yourself, and drop it in the mail box like you normally do. But yeah I agree, most likely something with the stupid non-machineable rules. Basically that they need to sort it by hand because it will not go through the normal machines, so they charge more.
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    machinable charge.

    i asked the other day with one of my packages
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    And the post office wonders why they lose money every year and are on the verge of going out of bussiness, must be nice to be able to screw over customers with stupid crap like that and have no questions asked or should I say no opposition posed.

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    I cut a piece of cardboard box, tape the toploader to it, write photo do not bend with marker on the envelope, and use a 66 cent stamp. postmaster said just make sure i drop them of at the counter and not in the box otherwise they will go through the machine, wich will either rip the envelope or bend the card. If you do alot of mailing a book of 66 cent stamps will save ya 26cents instead of using 2-46centers.

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    It shouldn't be that much more. I think I've paid like 85 cents or so for a single card in toploader. I'd rather them stamp it non machinable because if it gets damaged then you have a problem.
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