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    Ebay "steal" and really weird auction

    An ebay "steal" in my book. Less than a dollar a card :-p. I'll try trading the two non Falcons players when I get them.

    I don't get what the guy is saying, haha. Whatever it is, it definitely doesnt' justifty that price!

    Oh yeah, OT, made a new sig.

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    Great job on the steal...

    as for the second card. I wouldnt pay anything near there for that card. Even if it was pristine.

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    nice steal i recentely got a sonics triple floor bv. 50 for .1cent thats what i call 1 in 100000000000000000000000000 chance

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    not quite sure what the hell that seller is talking about in the Emmitt auction. Sounds like a real kook if ya ask me.

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    Nice steal...

    the other guy is crazy

    He says "never a reserve", but yet the card is BIN for $300

    BTW I think I have like 2-3 of those cards!! is he rambling about???
    He needs to stay off the crack pipe!!

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