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    Quote Originally Posted by adamslogik View Post
    Not sure which box you were looking at, but I count 13 hits.

    1 Jsy/auto hard signed
    1 rc jsy/auto sticker
    1 sticker auto
    2 jersey
    2 regular rookies /999
    3 inserts /999
    1 insert /500
    1 prizm rc
    1 prizm refractor /25

    I never said it was outstanding, but from what I have seen, this years anthology is providing some fun breaks (good variety of nice looking cards). That is all I look for in a break. I may not have the chance at a $1000 card, but I'm also not losing my shirt for the chance. This product is in the same price range per box as Series 1 and Black Diamond, and you don't see many $100+ sale value cards come out of those either, but no one complains.

    Maybe the problem is that certain "collectors" have redefined "hit" so that inserts and rookies don't count anymore. I guess it isn't a hit unless you can flip it for pretty good money instantly.

    Yep, the hobby is definitely progressing down the right path.
    Well, I think the first four pictures were from the packs and not the box, but that is a bit unclear from the OP. Anyhow, you're right, I don't think most people consider inserts and rookies to be hits. You have a holier than thou mentality in this discussion because you appreciate the hobby for all the "right" reasons and anyone who is concerned with getting some return on investment misses the forest for the trees. So while you are keeping your head on the "right path" for the hobby, which apparently includes appreciating a bunch of worthless cardboard that will be collecting dust for eternity, the rest of us are realizing that the screws are being turned so hard that it is starting to drive people OUT of your beloved hobby of which you maintain such an idealistic view. If nothing else, you should be concerned with views not similar to yours, and more similar to mine, because if the companies continue down this path, there may not be much of a hobby to pursue anymore. I was spending 2 to 3k per year on wax until I realized that it is quite the equivalent of burning money (even though there is nothing like the thrill). And I havent opened a box in about 10 months. This is a problem for the hobby in general. I never said I wanted my money back on a break. But how many times can you open a box and actually get your money back? 1 in 20? 1 in 30? I think the odds should be a bit better than that.

    My views don't show a money hungry gambler who is upset at some bad luck (I actually had some relatively decent luck in my box breaks). To the contrary, they show someone who has come to realize the difference between a calculated risk modified by some factor of enjoyment versus a complete and total rip off. I think the companies are beginning to shade towards the latter. Even idealists like you should be concerned about that. Next time you pull 4 rookies, 2 jerseys and a couple scrub autos in your $100 to $200 box, just tell yourself that it was fun. That will make everything right.
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    You are so correct in that these boxes are totally searchable. Easy to pick out the patches and silhouettes. One of our locals opened the first box of the case for packs but he pulls the packs for you since it is so easy to spot the "big" hits. Said it would be the last box that he packs out. Other local, you buy boxes only, NO pack sales.

    Very seldom do you ever get the price of box back, but then I open for the thrill of the hunt. Money loser for sure, since 99% of the time if I get a big hit I keep it for my collection even if it is a player / team that I do not collect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronfir View Post

    Very seldom do you ever get the price of box back, but then I open for the thrill of the hunt. Money loser for sure, since 99% of the time if I get a big hit I keep it for my collection even if it is a player / team that I do not collect.
    I'm right with you there. I sometimes trade my big hits, but about half the time they end up sitting in my side PC because they are just too nice. Sometimes I use them to replace another card in my side PC to trade for a main PC card (ex: if I already have a Crosby sticker auto and I pull a hard signed one that I prefer, I will usually free up the one I already had for a trade)

    as far as the post before this one, all I will say is thank you sir, for proving my point.

    As soon as you use the term "get your money back out of a break" even if you are saying that you don't expect to, it still shows your approach to the hobby.

    I don't spend money on cards that I can't afford to lose. That way I never have to worry about getting my money back out of them. All I worry about is having a fun break once in a while, to occupy myself and add to my collection a bit.
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    Adams, do you mind telling us which LCS had the searched packs? So freaking annoyed that owners let people do that (and or they themselves do it).
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    not sure the name, flea market LCS in Brockville Ontario
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    I agree that Anthology has greatly improved since last year fro what I've seen so far, and they kept it around the same pricepoint. If the rookie crop had been of better quality, this product would have been one of the best of the year for its price range. If Panini keeps this up 13/14 Anthology is going to be killer with the rookies that are coming in. Nice break, it's always nice to hit a Silhouette!

    On a side note, I'd like to pick up the Staal GU if it is available (preferably trade).


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    This thread is strange, maybe I'm alone, but I still get a thrill out of every jersey I get, regardless of the product/player/color. They should not have their status as a "hit" to be revoked. Some people like collecting as opposed to selling...anywho....

    Nice break, that Gagner is pretty nice, hopefully the wait isn't too long
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    Pack searching is pretty heinous, I just posted a thread about the exact same thing. Nice hits for what you got though.
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