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    This is easy for me. It's this card:


    I know it makes me an awful Bruins fan to not say a Bobby Orr RC, but I love Steven Stamkos. I love the way he plays and his toughness. I think by the end of his career he will be one of the best to ever play the game. Every now and then I search eBay and drool over his most expensive cards and I saw this on there and was amazed. I've seen the Sidney Crosby Shield RC, but never Stamkos'. It's an amazing card and if I ever had the funds and opportunity to own it, I would in a heartbeat.
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    I'll take either the Crosby Cup Black 1/1, or the Stamkos Cup Black 1/1. some of my other choices were taken.
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    I would take the only graded 10, Mike Bossy rookie card in the world.
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    Crosby or Ovechkin Cup ARP
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    Starting to think it's a trick question, don't know any of us who would be happy with just one card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeanCrandall View Post
    Starting to think it's a trick question, don't know any of us who would be happy with just one card.
    Heh, I'm on the same page... To me this one's easy - there is no single card in existence that I would even remotely consider swapping my entire PC for. A tougher question would be if I could only add one more Sedin card to the PC which one would I choose... Now that would be a tough choice :)
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    There is one card out there i'd give up a lot to obtain, and I mean A LOT. It would be enough to satisfy me no matter what was going out the door on the other end. You know who you are! and what card i'm sworn to secrecy about :(
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    any and all

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    Gretzky OPC RC PSA 10 would probably do it for me.

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    My ultimate dream card is nowhere near to be even 10% of my whole collection value-wise
    so no way that I'll made the trade....because there is a much cheaper opinion to obtain my ultimate
    dream card and it's a MTO Triple Player card!

    I already have a 66% dream card with my Doble Player MTO card haha.
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