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    New member from Toronto, Canada


    My name is Steve... and I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Just joined this forum in the last week.

    I collected both hockey and baseball cards as a child back in the early 1990's. Grew up and developed other intersets... finally a few months ago I decided to get back into the game and bought a hobby box of Topps Baseball 2013 Series 1. Going to get my feet wet slowly with a nice starter set before I do anything too serious.

    Couple of questions: from what I read this forum seems to operate on the honor system? i.e. one person sends, then the other person sends, both give feedback to support future trades, etc? I could understand how people would be wary about trading with a new user like me.

    Also, I've gone onto eBay and I can see cards that I want that are relatively cheap. How is trading cards through this forum superior to just buying what I need off eBay? Aren't I going to eat through lots of $$$ in stamps and envelopes to get what I want?

    I have agreed to my first trade with what looks to be a relatively new user. Suggestions for best way to send the cards? I don't want them to get damaged obviously.

    One last question... people aren't going to be scared from trading with me as I'm in Canada, are they?
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    Hello & welcome to SCF.

    This is a great site to buy and trade on. Please note that you can put a trade/sale/buy is dispute if you have problems on your end. Please see the forum rules: Article VI Trade Manager Rules & Section 6.17 Disputed trades.

    As for trading here or buying off Ebay, You get to trade what you don't want here to someone who whats what you have for something you need. All you pay for is postage which is nice. Ebay there is no option to trade you just buy items and send out cash.

    As for packing cards for mail. Use Bubble mailers & a toploader with a penny sleeve at the very least. Tape the top of the toploader so the card does not fall out. I use green painters tape so it does not ruin the toploader with sticky stuff like scotch tape does. Finally I put the card into a team bag with either decoy cards you get from packs or use a few common cards to stiffen the package a bit.

    Not everyone trades to Canadians but it works both ways either was just make sure you have fun because that what everyone is here for.

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    Steve, welcome to the site and BOL with your collection.

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    Welcome to SCF Steve!

    I had the EXACT same question regarding eBay when I got here just over a year ago. I was a PowerrrrSelllerrrrrrr over there and whatever I sold I'd just wind up spending the PayPal on eBay purchases. But as I got to know a few people here it turned out they had cards in their SCF inventories that weren't up on eBay at all, and I either bought from them or traded with them. You'd be amazed at some of the stuff our members have in their inventories or trade buckets. There's no question that there are good deals to be had on eBay, and mannnnnn do I ever waste alot of money there, but don't forget that what you're spending on postage for trades here is less than what the eBay sellers are charging you for shipping most of the time.

    A LOT of the hockey members here are fellow Canadians, you'll find plenty of dance partners :)

    Seeyas on the hockey boards eh?

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    Hi Steve
    Welcome to SCF , enjoy the site and have fun

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    Hey Steve, Welcome to SCF. Thanks for Joining!

    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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