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    trading basketball for football!

    lmk what players or teams you are looking for and I'll make you a list. I will look at sites or lists. Looking for chicago cubs, dallas cowboys, football hof, and anyone from my sig. Thanx for looking!

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    Do you have any of these? give me a list of what you have.

    Anthony, Carmelo
    Billups, Chauncey Pistons uniform only
    Bryant, Kobe
    Carter, Vince
    Duncan, Tim
    Ginobli, Manu
    Hamilton, Richard Pistons uniform only
    Iverson, Allen
    Jordan, Michael
    Malone, Karl
    Miller, Reggie
    Nash, Steve Suns
    Nowitzki, Dirk
    O'Neal Shaq Miami
    O'Neal, Jermaine Pacers uniform only
    Parker, Tony
    Pierce, Paul
    Prince, Tayshaun
    Robinson, David
    Stockton, John
    Stoudamire, Amare
    Wade, Dwayne
    Wallace, Ben (Pistons)

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