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Thread: Bucket open for trading

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    Bucket open for trading

    My PC is available but may be hard to get. I'm looking for teams in my signature as well as Clay Matthews, AJ Hawk, Eli Manning, Ken Griffey Jr. and whatever catches my eye.

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    PCMB for your Marlin Jackson auto & AJ Hawk lmk thanks
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    Hello i trade bye BV only I'm Looking for Leather/Bat/Glove Sweet Spot auto's 2015 National Treasures Leather autos & 2011 Playoff Contenders Sweet Signs autos & Paul Konerko,and Chicago Bears & Blackhawks I also respond to all my PMs and Post's

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    comb for the aj hawk stuff.
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    I super collect Brett Favre.
    I trade by BV. SV is for Ebay. If you tell me you can get it cheaper on Ebay, I will tell you to buy it on Ebay. Fair warning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MLublansky View Post
    PCMB for your Marlin Jackson auto & AJ Hawk lmk thanks
    Would you be willing to trade one of your mini helmets or autographed footballs? I can add some PayPal to even things out if necessary.
    Quote Originally Posted by jrawk1120 View Post
    comb for the aj hawk stuff.
    Nothing for me, thanks.

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    Interested in this one:

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    Everything is available except for PC
    Only taking offers atm.

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    Please CMB for the Herschel Walker Gu'ed. Thanks.
    My main wants are Chiefs, Vikings, and Twins. Also like Torrey Smith and Matt Forte. I mainly like to trade by BV.
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    Like the Leinhart Relic /50

    Let me know


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