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    Thought I'd share a recent amazing steal, Retro Hobby Box style!

    Due to life getting crazy, I haven't been able to be on much. However, I won an auction earlier this week that I think bears posting. e=ADME:X:RTQ:US:1123#ht_500wt_1156

    Really vague title, right? I look at the description and saw that he appears to be selling some older sealed boxes. I tried messaging him for more specifics, but he wasn't responding (i only found this lot about an hour before it ended). So I decided with a couple minutes left to go ahead and take a chance on it. $150 plus $28 shipping was worth the risk for what I saw in the short description. After I won it, I heard back from the seller, and found out that the auction was for 22 HOBBY BOXES, and that the breakdown was such:

    (4) 1999 Score Hobby Boxes
    (3) 1999 Fleer Ultra Hobby Boxes
    (2) 1999 Topps Hobby Boxes
    (2) 1999 Upper Deck MVP Hobby Boxes
    (2) 1999 Playoff Prestige SSD Hobby Boxes
    1999 Upper Deck Encore Hobby Box
    1999 Bowman Chrome Hobby Box
    1998 Skybox Thunder Hobby Box
    (3) 2001 Upper Deck MVP Hobby Boxes
    2001 Upper Deck Vintage Hobby Box

    And then the 2 big boys!

    1998 Topps Chrome Hobby Box
    1996 Bowman's Best Hobby Box

    It comes out to about $8 per box including shipping! Can't wait to bust 'em!
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    Crazy buddy! Keep us updated!

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    Good luck, it should be fun open some boxes that have been sealed for so long.

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    HOLY CRAP! Now that's a steal! If you pull any nice Culpepper or Moss hit me up!

    edit: also if you pull any kleinsasser at all I'm interested!
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    Awesome steal on that many boxes, have fun opening them!

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    Ok your mission if you choose to accept it ........ Pull me a atomic refractor ray Lewis rookie..... This post will self destruct in 10 seconds
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    Look forward to seeing the rips.
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    Awesome pick-up.

    If you get any rare Favres, let me know.

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