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Thread: 2 2013 Bowman boxes

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    I can use all of these, pm works best thanks! and nice boxes!

    Corey Fuller rc
    Ansah rc
    Shariff Floyd rc
    Stafford black base
    Patterson rc
    MAYBE Eifert auto
    Eddie Lacy rc
    I Supercollect Calvin Johnson!!!! Also collecting Keenan Allen and T.Y Hilton. Interested in anything that catches my eye. Hidden Content
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    probably selling only unless you've got marcus lattimore, hes really the only guy im after right now
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    Ed, PM me if you are interested in selling the minis and have. Price in mind. I can use them for my boys.
    I don't care if you need a week to ship! Perspective.

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    I will have to drop out as I have no Lattimore and no money.
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    Trying to achieve super Collector Herman Moore Status
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    ed, shoot me a price for any lions and denard robinson

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    PMs sent, thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by palantri View Post
    Pack 4
    Bummer- the mini was turned sideways in the pack and mangled. Double bummer- it is a Lattimore...which would have been PC...oh well

    Sheldon Richardson
    Star Lotulelei
    Alex Okafor
    Dion Jordan
    Giovani Bernard
    Eddie Lacy
    DaRick Rogers
    Christine Michael

    Zach Line
    Lonnie Pryor
    Jawan Jamison
    Arian Foster
    AJ Green

    Rainbow Foil
    Zach Line
    Josh Freeman

    nice- this is a PC box
    Marcus Lattimore Orange /299

    Eric Decker Jersey
    send the card back to panini, the lattimore.

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    I would be interested in the Hopkins Auto. LMK how much or check me for it.

    I am looking for GU'd, RCs and Autos of: JJ WATT, Kawhi Leonard, Other Current and Spur Legends, Carlos Correa, Jose Altulve, Alex Bregman, Panini Points...
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    as much as i want the jones i don't think i can give up the glennon. heard he might give freeman a run for starter. i don't think so but worth the risk to hang on to. you have the base lattimore #208? found it while digging through rest of my box. thanks bill

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    Leland- Ill get you a price this afternoon, thanks!

    Bill- no worries. I hadn't heard that about Glennon, I just liked watching him in college. I do have the base lattimore, thanks for checking!

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