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    Sweet pulls from 2 cases of 12/13 Upper Deck SPA!

    We had to case breaks of 12/13 Upper Deck SP Authentic last night. A lot of nice stuff coming from this product. Here are some of the best pulls of the night:

    Be sure to check out the Group Breaks section of SCF to see the SPA 3 Box Mini Break happening tonight at 8PM EST!

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    Wow! The SP Chirography of John Tavares look absolutely stunning, what a great design. Nice pulls overall.

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    Liking the idea of all time Chiros, the design is sharp Orrs. Tavares card sweet except one thing, those dam ugly black unis. Even as an Isles collector have hard time pursuing any cards with those ugly jerseys, runs close 2nd to the fisherman jerseys of old.
    Tavares Autos ONLY
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    Nice ones! Maybe I should try to open couple SP Authentics too.

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    Pulled a lot of nice cards from our case breaks so far. I'll get some more pics up of last night's pulls.

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