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    Holiday/Vacation Show Pickups -- with a steal

    So i went to the Eastern Shore of MD this weekend (OC for all you people nearby)

    while there they had a Card Show at the convention center and asked the GF if she wanted to go real quick....she said yes

    long story short - about 5 vendors (4 of which were way overpriced and one gentlemen who opens 5-6 cases of EVERY OTHER PRODUCT AS A HOBBY)

    well this is what i got from the guy as i only had time to look through 6 of the 20 boxes of GU and autos:

    2003 Leaf Certified Materials FOTG Nolan Ryan Jersey #/25
    2003 Leaf Certified Materials FOTG Roger Maris Jersey #/58
    2004 Sweet Spot Classic Patch 50 Nolan Ryan All-Star Patch #/50
    2004 SP Legendary Cuts Roger Maris Jersey with a Pinstripe
    2004 SP Legendary Cuts Orlando Cepeda Jersey with spots of blood (COOL CARD)

    total Value is around $138 with the Ryan Jersey having NA as BV

    i paid $45 total --- a steal i think

    thanks for looking

  2. Kronozio
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    Are you trading any of these? I could use either of the Roger Maris jerseys. Let me know if I have anything that you like. Thanks, James.

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    Jeez, that was a steal... if you're trading, i can use a couple of things... Check my site and lmk if you can use anything... The jackie and williams are gone and are being replaced by a mike schmidt auto/sock/jacket

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    james - would love to get the Musial oddball card you have....what grade do you think it is in your opinion?

    yanks - really need the McDougald Auto...please check my site

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    If you are talking about the 1947 bond bread, I would say it would be in near mint to mint condition. If you want give me your email and I can send you a scan. Thanks, James. Also do you know what both the Maris jerseys book?

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    please send a scan to

    the FOTG books $40 and the SP Cuts books $30 (maybe want a little more because Yankees fans go crazy over a pinstripe)


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    Scan sent. Let me know what it will take to get both of the Maris jerseys. Thanks, James

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    Sorry, the only thing I really saw was the Schmidt jsy.

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    i didnt realize that my site wasnt updated....let me update that tonight and ill get back to ya

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    The Ryan is NOT game-used, no steals here. A Maddux Auto /10 for 10 bucks is a steal. A Papelbon Chrome Refractor RC for 10 bucks is a steal, a Bonds AU for 10 is a steal (I got all these) this is not.

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