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    Trading Xbox & 6 games for cards

    I got an Xbox 360 now, so I want to get rid of my Xbox and games. The Xbox is in great shape. It is only about 8 months old. I'm looking for autos, patches, Lebron gu & rc's, Wade gu & rc's, and any Chris Paul's. Here's everything I got to get rid of.

    Xbox w/2 controllers
    Xbox memory card
    Madden NFL 2006 (only been played a few times)
    NBA Ballers
    NFL Street 2
    NBA Live 2005
    ESPN NFL 2K5
    Mech Assault (no case or booklet)
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    How buch BV in trade are you looking for?

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    I'm not quite sure. It all really depends on what someone has for trade for it. I'd really like some decent autos and/or Chris Paul's (I need a whole lot of them, only have a few of them, lol) if at all possible.

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