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    Anaheim CA

    Hey everyone. I'm going to be traveling to Anaheim in just under a week. I'm from the Eastern part of the US and have never been west beyond Indiana. I was looking for some advice from anyone there, or just anyone that will know the answers to what I need. I'll be there for about 5 full days. Outside of Ana I would like to see Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood, and maybe RodeoDr (if it's even possible to travel to these for a reasonable price). I will not have a car as I'm flying. So my question(s), what's the best way if any to get to these destinations from Ana? A note also, I'm a college student so not really looking for "boring things". Any suggestions on night-life in Ana? Don't plan on going to Disney, are there any other suggestions of things to do as a sports fan or anything in general? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I went to Anaheim for the first time in May for a school trip, and they have public busses that are $2 that pretty much go everywhere. If you're going with others, try to spend a day at California Adventures/Disney (I know you said you weren't planning on it, but it was fun), they have a lot of the bigger classic rides such as Tower of Terror, etc. We went to Hollywood for a day as well, which was packed but pretty fun. You'll run into 600 different creepy people, which got a bit annoying, but it was cool seeing the Hollywood sign and all. Angels could be in town, which would always be fun. We were on our way to Huntington Beach, which I heard was nice, before we had to head to the ER for someone we were with, so we never got there.

    In and Out Burger was really good, too.
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