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    Fathers Day SPAuthentic 2 box break. CRUSHED IT! Big Buyback and a SOTT Sixes

    Popped 2 boxes after work today. Unreal boxes.

    **note** Photobucket is acting up and im unable to alter the orientation of the photos.

    1 box had a SPX bonus pack

    Pretty good the rest of the box had a JT Bown SOTT and these to FWA

    Great two of the better ones to hit!!!

    I popped open the next box and 3 packs in hit this monster

    then i hit a Goloubef FWA redemption /999

    I figure box is finished.

    last 5 packs and one feels really weird. open in up and its a decoy and 1 base (Naslund), now im thinking i've totally struck out on getting a third hit in the box.

    Next pack feels weirder still


    Don't think i'll be contacting QC about the pack with 1 card

    All available for sale.

    TOP WANTS 07/08 ITG Ultimate Cornerstones /9
    any and all

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    Wow! Congrats man! Unreal haul, good job. would love a price on the Oilers 7 redemption please.
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    Wow great hit with the SOTT Sixes, and the Stamkos!
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    Holy crap.
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    Awesome cards for sure, but those pictures should be rotated a bit, haha. Amazing pulls! Congratulations.
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    Wow, you destroyed those breaks, congrats. Can I get a price on the SPx patch please?
    Thanks to nyr4life for the amazing banner!
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    (Not looking for any multi-player cards)

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    you win!

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    That's crazy. This is the second time in three days I've heard or seen a Stamkos buy back and SOTT 6 in the same box. The one from the group break I was in came from the same pack! Was yours in the same box? Great haul by the way! Congrats!!
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    if any of those hits are avail let me know
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