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    Blowout NOT an Authorized UD Internet Retailer??

    I was just talking to the Upper Deck Customer Service Supervisor regarding damaged card replacement requirements.
    They are now super strict on replacing damaged cards that were not purchased from what they consider an "Authorized" retailer.

    Be very careful. I think everyone just assumes that they are safe when purchasing from the larger retailers. You could get a damaged $1000 hit that they would not replace even though you have the proofs of purchase and receipts.

    Their web site listing of authorized retailers (B&M and Internet) seems small and possibly incomplete. I am not really sure how to really know.

    I asked her if DA, DCS, Blowout and Atlanta would be fine. Much to my surprise she said no to Blowout and Atlanta.

    So you can pay a lot of money in good faith for a brand new sealed product (not NFL licensed by the way) and Upper Deck may not stand behind it.


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    That's true, big ts is not a licensed dealer either. It's a bunch of shineola to limit us reliability. They are allowed to sell the products but since they are not official thy have some pricing limitations online and a sorry excuse for poor customer service.
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    I have not seen Topps or Panini play this little game.... yet.

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    where is the best place to buy hobby boxes in bulk online?

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    The electronics manufacturers also play this little game to "protect" their retailers. They only honor warranty if you bought from a select list of authorized retailers while selling most of their product out the back door to grey market or "unauthorized" retailers. In reality its just a cheap way to move a ton of product and avoid warranty responsibility. As Upper Deck stumbles from one bad management decision to another you would think they would know better. YES its their product with their name on it. YES it could have only originated from one source. YES they should be responsible for their own QA. Improving Customer Service and support would be one small way they could keep some of their loyal customers who choose to stick with them while they continue the downward spiral pumping out the same old recycled college photos over and over.

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