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    12 Loose McFarlane Military Series 1 (I think) figures for sell

    All 12 figures are dated 2005. It looks to be the same 6 figures but 2 different versions of each figure. All comes complete and intact except for the spotter scope on one of the snipers is broken.

    Not sure whats a fair price on these as I see ebay prices all over the board. Im thinking they gotta be worth at least $200 though. Can someone help me out with value and also if anyone is interested let me know.
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    any scans??
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    Can I not put pics up? Just links?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajcorleone View Post
    any scans??
    I added a pic in the original post... Came up as a link. I will get closer pics of a couple figures at a time later tonight but cant right now. Thats an ovrview of what I got though.

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    I take the lack of responses to mean this Is worthlessness junk. Should I donate it to the nearest goodwill or just trash it?

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    bump for any offers?

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    on ebay so this can be moved

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    Yes... Going to list on ebay tomorrow.. Just need to take more pics.

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