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Thread: $60 paypal for best lot

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    $60 paypal for best lot

    ive got $60 paypal for best game used and auto lot in baseball or basketball. Post what you can give me for the $60.

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    Take a look at my website and let me know what you are interested in.

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    **Baron Davis 2002-03 Topps Chrome Team Topps Gu jersey #TT-BD

    **Peja Stojakovic 03-04 UD Dimensions 3-D gu jersey #'d 108/499

    **Peja Stojakovic 04-05 Topps Pristine Winning Warerobe Gu jersey #WW-PS

    **Peja Stojakovic 03-04 Black Diamond Diamond Gu Jersey #BD-PS

    **Lamar Odom 02-03 Fleer Premium A Cut Above Gu jersey #NNO

    **Lamar Odom 2001-02 E-X Box Office Draws Gu jersey #NNO

    **Richard Hamilton 2001-02 Topps All-Star Gu warm-up #TR-RH

    **Jefferson/Martin 02-03 SPx Winning Combos dual gu #KM/RJ

    **Darius Miles 2001-02 UD Encore NBA Warm-Ups gu jersey #DM-W

    **Darius Miles 02-03 Topps Xpectations Class Challenge gu jersey #CC-Dm

    **Calbert Cheaney 98-99 Skybox Autographics Auto#NNO

    **ROn Artest 2004-05 Topps Pristine Fantasy Favorites Gu jersey #FF-Ra

    **Chris Webber 2005-06 UD Game Jersey #GJ-WE

    **Scott Pollard 99-2000 Skybox Autographics Auto #NNO

    **Mickael Gelebale 05-06 UD Debut Debut Ink Auto #DI-MG

    **Stromile Swift 01-02 SPx Winning Materials 2-piece gu jersey #SS

    **Shareef Abdur-Rahim 02-03 Fleer Premium Court Collection gu jersey #NNO

    **Bostjan Nachbar 03-04 Bowman Signature Auto #'d 309/999

    **Steve Blake 03-04 Bowman Signature gu jersey/auto #'d 1020/1250

    **Zarko Cabarkapa 03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Gu rc jersey #JE-ZC

    **Zarko Cabarkapa 03-04 UD Exclusives Gu jersey # J13

    **Qyntel Woods 02-03 Hoops Hot Prospects Hot materials Gu jersey #HM-QW

    **DaJuan Wagner 02-03 Topps Jersey Edition gu #JE-DWA

    **DaJuan Wagner 02-03 Topps Jersey Edition gu RC #JE-DW

    **Keith Van Horn 99-2000 E-X Geniune Coverage GU jersey #NNO

    **Steve Blake 03-04 UD Exclusives Gu jersey #J29

    **Jared Jeffries 02-03 Topps Xpectations First Shot gu jersey #FS-JJ

    **Jared Jeffries 02-03 Hoops Hot Prospects Hot Materials Gu jersey

    **Kenyon Martin 03-04 Fleer Geniune Insider Scoring threats gu jersey #ST-KM

    **Kenyon Martin 01-02 UD Encore Warm Ups #KM-W(2)

    **Kenyon Martin 02-03 Fleer Premium Premium Gear gu jersey#NNO

    **Kenyon Martin 02-03 Flair Court kings gu jersey #CK-KM

    **Kenyon Martin 02-03 Fleer Geniune On the Up gu jersey #NNO

    **Brendan Haywood 01-02 Hoops Hot Prospects gu jersey rc #770/1000

    **Fred Jones 02-03 Hoops Hot Materials 2-piece gu rc jersey #HM-FJ

    **Derek Anderson 1997 Press Pass Auto

    **Jason Williams 03-04 Topps Jersey Edition gu jersey #JE-JW

    **victor Khryapa 03-04 Top Prospects Signs of Success Auto #SS-Vk

    **Mookie Blaylock 99-2000 UD RETRO Auto #MB

    **Joe Johnson 03-04 E-X Behind the Numbers gu jersey #BTG-JJ

    **Pau Gasol 03-04 Topps Jersey Edition gu jersey #'d37/299

    **Pau Gasol 03-04 Upper Deck West Coast/East Coast Gu jersey #EW-PG/SA

    **Pau Gasol 05-06 UD ESPN Sportscenter Swatches gu jersey #SCS-PG

    **Walter McCarty 1996 Pres Pass Auto

    **Luke Walton 03-04 Fleer Throwback Threads Gu jersey #TT-LW

    **Stephon Marbury 03-04 All-Access gu jersey #A-SM

    **Caron Butler 03-04 Flair A Cut Above Gu jersey #'d 119/500

    **Caron Butler 03-04 E-X Behind the Numbers Gu jersey #CD-BTNGu

    **Caron Butler 03-04 Ultra Roundball Disc Gu jersey #D-CB

    *Stephon Marbury 02-03 UD Ovation Gu jersey #SM-W

    **Steve Francis 03-04 Fleer Authentix Jersey Ripped gu jersey #JA-SF

    **Steve Francis 03-04 Ultra Scoring Kings Gu jersey #SK-SF

    **Drew Gooden 03-04 Fleer Avant Gu jersey #'d 109/400

    **Antawn Jamison 05-06 Topps Hardwood Classics Gu jersey #HC-AJ

    **Antawn Jamison 02-03 TOpps Chrome Team Topps gu jersey #TT-AJ

    **Antawn Jamison/Steve Blake 03-04 Upper Deck West Coast/East Coast
    gu jersey #EW-AJ/SB

    **Antawn Jamison 01-02 Fleer Showcase Best of the West gu jersey #NNO

    **Joe Johnson 2005-06 Upper Deck All-Star Weekend Gu jersey #ASW-JJ

    **Steve Francis 2001-02 Topps All-star Warm up gu #TR-SF

    **Steve Francis 2003-04 Fleer Authentix Ripped Gu jersey #JA-SF

    **Steve Francis 02-03 UD Hardcourt game floor/game film #SF-FF

    **Desmond Mason 2000-01 Fleer Autographics Autograph Rc #NNO

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    Would be willing to sell you some from my list you looked at.Could include one Maris,but need to know asap.

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