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Thread: A HOT BOX......! In retail?

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    A HOT BOX......! In retail?

    Short story first

    Stopped at Target before meeting up with family visiting and figured id kill some time.

    Upon entering the card aisle I said whats normally said and thats " gosh darnit no hockey again!" But i examimed more and loe and behold a UD series one tin tucked behind the usual baseball and basketball boxes. I needed a tin to store cards in and figured why not break some packs while at it so I bit the bait.

    $30 plus tax should have read the price scanner thought it would have been $20
    Anyway I just got home and busted it open.

    First pack had a jersey so i saved it

    Other hits:
    Lucic and Eberle Silver Skates
    Heatly and Couture MVP
    Horton and Kippersof Canvas
    Kreider YG, Sven Baertschi YG, Silfverberg YG canvas

    And the jersey was of Trevor Daley

    Not the best GU but still beat the odds and thats actually my first Dallas GU card. Got an extra MVP as well as YG. Great YGs hit as well. Nothing is for trade or sale at the moment thanks for reading if you did ;)

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    Definitely not a "hot Box" as I've pulled multiple colored refractor autos out of baseball blasters.
    But 100% an awesome hit in a box youre not expecting a hit from!

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    ^^ Upper Deck Series 1 doesn't have "multiple coloured refractor autos" in the product. The reference to other sports lines doesn't really hold a lot of validity to it.


    Definitely a strong tin - you got some nice boosts with the GU and the Canvas YG (GU are 1:48 and so are the Canvas YG's right?) and it's pretty rare that you see three of the top RC's bunched together like that. I was pleasantly surprised to see how solid Silfverberg sells, so good on you for nailing that nice parallel.
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    Actually jerseys are 1:24 usually for the tins its 1:48 i was surprised too

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    -RGM81 loves his job at the Hair Splitting Factory-

    ;) ;) ;) But Seriously

    I was simply giving an example of a "hot box"

    So the GU is about 1:4 tins right? I'd definitely say that you killed the odds, but wouldn't call it a hot box. To me. A Hot box is a box that contains 2-4 autos but comes with 6-8 autos

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    Yeah i know it isnt technically a hot box but for retail its better than what I would usually get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bostonfan46 View Post
    Yeah i know it isnt technically a hot box but for retail its better than what I would usually get.
    Yah I agree, even if I get a $2 GU or Auto out of retail, it's sometimes better to get that feeling of beating (or destroying) the odds than the actual card itself.

    A lot of "Hobby-Only" Purists i know, don't know that awesome retail pull feeling.

    But again, not a hot box >.< :P

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    I'd say you did pretty well on the YG's

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    I would say that was a great tin

    you got a gu and the 3 yg which are all pretty good and 2 silver skates

    not bad for the price
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    You killed the YG's there, great tin
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