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Thread: Rummage Sale Treasures

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    Rummage Sale Treasures

    Our city held their annual City-Wide Rummage sales the last couple of days. I had one sale I had my eye on because it was a Saturday only sale. It had baseball and football cards. I thought they almost wouldn't have it because of all the storms that went through and the rain overnight and into this a.m. Anyway, I pull up and see it is a family I have purchased lots from before. I get excited, spend a few bucks on some of the boxes they had. I just got done going through them and, once again, they yielded some pretty nice older print cards.

    1996 Playoff Illusions Spectralusion Dominion
    Cris Carter x2 ($8 each)
    Jerome Bettis x2 ($15 each)
    Tim Brown ($8)
    Steve McNair x2 ($40 each)
    Michael Irvin x2 ($15 each)
    Jim Kelly x2 ($15 each)
    Junior Seau x2 ($15 each)
    Warren Moon x2 ($8 each)
    Tim Biakabutuka x2 ($15 each)
    Mike Alstott x2 ($20 each)
    Terry Glenn x2 ($15 each)
    Antonio Freeman x2 ($15 each)

    1998 Absolute Hobby Silver
    Cris Carter ($12)
    Tony Gonzalez ($12)
    Andre Rison ($8)
    Derrick Alexander ($8)
    Kimble Anders ($8)

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    If you end up having any Herman Moore stuff, I'm looking.
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    Trying to achieve super Collector Herman Moore Status
    I collect UVA (University of Virginia Cavaliers) Football Players!

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    U got a scan of the alstott? An would you trade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdb3232 View Post
    U got a scan of the alstott? An would you trade?
    I do not have a scan yet. If you would like, you can PM me your cell number and I can send you a picture of it that way.

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