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    WANT TO BUY BULK LOTS OF #'ed,INSERTS,and Bowman!!

    i have $40 paypal, dont have to spend all at once

    lmk what the best deal i can get is


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    well I got a ton of dimond kings from 89 and mid 90's donruss ive been looking to get rid of, would sell real real cheap

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    I need the $40 really bad. I am buying a brand new car. I can send you a couple hundred inserts. I will make a list for you later if you're interested. LMK.
    Also, I know you like the old HOF stuff, I am selling everything on my site except for the nicknames cards. LMK if you want anything from it. I'll make you a good deal.

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    theucanes:no need for those

    sneekc: could you make a list of stuff. trying to get big lots


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    I have a huge lot of 05 bowman draft, ive opened 7 or 8 boxes, you can have all the base bowman, even rookies like clement, pawelek, cutch all the big rookies, you should get close to 4 sets or more out of it, i will even send you all the gold cards ive got to, which should be close to a set, lmk.

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    which golds do you have? mostly interested in those and the rookies LMK what we can do


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  8. #8 gave me a good idea after pulling all my inserts. I must have like 750 that are #rd. I am going to list the entire lot on a word doc. and then I can email it to you.. I plan on listing as much of it as possible on ebay (thanks to your good idea) but, I will let you pick a few you want first. It will take me some time to actually type up everything so be patient. But I will get it done this week sometime.

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    alright yeah i am a genious!! hope you make tons of $$$$ and buy that car.

    i prefer newer #'ed stuff, and chrome rcs,refractors,xfractors

    i will be patient.

    anyone else


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