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    [New post] Etched to Impress: Panini America Explores Rookie Inserts in 2013 Prestige

    The magnificence of microetching always has been a print technology thatís better experienced than explained. To really appreciate it, youíve got to get your hands and eyes on it ó and to do that, youíve usually had to wait for Panini America to release Totally Certified, a brand widely recognized in both basketball and football as the matriarch of microetching.

    But next Wednesday, the family expands when 2013 Prestige Football releases with a few microetched marvels of its own in the rookie-focused NFL Draft Picks (20 cards) and Prestigious Picks (40 cards) inserts. Their inclusion ó as youíll see in the gallery below ó no doubt adds a little bit more prestige to Prestige.
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    this makes totally certified worth less. Its popular cause its the only product like it.......till this comes out

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    not a big fan of the look, but will have to see them in person for final judgement.

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