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    Question for many people on the forum

    Do you collect for the value, the team, or the card? I notice a lot of people only want players of substantial value and will fetch them some cash or better end of a trade. I collect to find things for my Packers PC, and Fleener stuff.

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    For me it's a bit of everything you asked for. I collect my team RC's and gu/auto of all the players I can but only want 1 auto and gu of each player be that rc for newer guys and auto/patch for the older guys. So for the auto/jersey cards I go by what's nicest to me as everyone has different opinions of what is beautiful. Mind you, it doesn't hurt if I get some cards for my PC that are higher end and way more valuable as well. Hopefully that made some sense, lol.

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    Everything is available except for PC
    Don't like a price, feel free to make an offer!
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    I am pretty much like babyhuey. When searching for PC cards I do not consider value much. If I need it, I need it. However, I will add that high value isn't a big desire for me. If I need a Joe Montana for my HOFer PC then a triple patch auto /5 isn't going to be on my wantlist simply because I don't want to have to give $500 in trade to get a single PC card.

    If someone needs a card of mine, but doesn't have anything that fits my PC then I look for trade bait or something to sell to get from them in return. I don't try to screw them over or anything, but I look for fair value and simply won't do a deal if it involves me taking a loss on the deal AND not getting anything for my PC. It is easier to just toss it on eBay and sell it the highest bidder and use that money to get what I want rather than spend money shipping a trade that I gain nothing in and then end up being stuck with a card that I can't use or trade on top of it.

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    Well I need that favre jersey for my PC! don't screw me ;) lol jk....but seriously, id like that.

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    For me it's the look. If I like a card, I want it in my pc. Value is nice, but I'm fine with a $1 card as well as a $100 card.

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    I like to collect all types of players and sets. The set design and numbering are important to me

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    Team and Topps set builder here. I collect for the hunt and as a hobby!! I have move fun hunting down a 1995 Fleer Nate Newton than a 2013 $500 A PACK Tony Romo insert!! High bv cards are nice to have,but the bv never stays high. The collectors you asked about,I call them flippers. Buy or pull a high bv card and sell or trade it for something high bv. Thats cool,just not for me. But I will sell a card to get another for the PC.

    I just pulled Terry Bradshaw auto a month ago out of some retail packs,bv $120. Not a single person here asked about it. Couple reasons why.

    1. Not a RG3,Wilson or Luck rc auto!!
    2. Not to many people have $120 Cowboy auto of the players I wanted for it and it wasnt a card from list above.

    Sold it on ebay for $58 and flipped it into about $350 worth of pc cards. I look at it this way. Yes your Luck rc auto is worth $350 TODAY. In ten years it aint!! Im buying cards now that were selling for $250 on ebay/tradesites ten years ago for $5,$10 $15 dlvd. Thats the collector in me that comes out. Not paying crazy money for a piece of card board.

    I hope this makes some sense to everyone.. In other words,im a cheapskate!!

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    i like to collect whatever it is that comes out of that wax! :thumb: probably a very weird thing to do im guessing.

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    I kind of do what nobeer does as well. Used to go after the RC for my PC during that year so when you got hot players like Wilson, Luck and Griffen you pay top dollar. Changed my ways of waiting for a year or 2 to pick up RC of that year, unless of course I get them in an easy trade or pack pulled like my Luck was for this past year. Why pay hot card prices for a PC addition when you can hold off for a couple years and get it for cheaper. Just the money saver in me I guess but it doesn't quite qork when the card is low #'d like /5 or a 1/1.

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    Everything is available except for PC
    Don't like a price, feel free to make an offer!
    If you don't respond to me then don't expect a response the next time!
    Sadly, I'm done with this hobby.

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    Since i got back in to the hobby I collect for the player.Now I will take a stab since I sell alot on Ebay and hit auctions and estate sales.I will take a chance on the up n comers and store away some base.But for me it is the player i collect regardless
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