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    Not even 24 hours in ..... the madness begins ...


    Seeing as what Reimer went for during his small hot streaks in his 1st year with the Leafs ...... I think ill hold out to move mine when the season opens and the Leafs get off to their usual hot start!

    Good luck Leafs fans ..... the LA fans already know how much demand was around for this "backup" back in his LA days ...... I can only imagine the cash some people will have to shell out for some of his nicer stuff.

    I think the only thing that can hinder his cards is that he isnt pictured as a Leaf ..... but time will tell ....

    PS - If any Leafs fans want to jump a bit ahead of the bandwagon .... im always listening, trade or sale :
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    Im gonna throw it out there that I have a Bernier SPXcitements 1/25 LOL.

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    Haha. This card is looking pretty great right now:

    The one they gave away and the one they got back.

    My bucket:

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    love that yours has a signature....

    But I still love this one...

    I know alot of people don't like this trade. I am not sure how many people have seen him play but I like this trade as a leaf fan first and collector second.
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    Looking for Jonathan Huberdeau and Seth Jones Cup and NT
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    Hmmm, those Bernier cards above look very familiar.

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    Coming from an avid Leaf fan, the little amount of Bernier I'll collect is only going to be him in a Leaf jersey.
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    I expect there'll be a good movement of his rookie cards to Toronto now...regardless of the jersey he's wearing since a rookie is a rookie and many collectors (not all) focus on rookie cards of players they're interested in. Good luck to Reimer at his new home.

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    well you all now i have a huge bernier pc if your interested shoot me a pm.

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