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Thread: Glad to be a part of SCF

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    Glad to be a part of SCF

    Wanted to give a quick intro to let everyone get to
    know me a little, will get to know some users more thru trades.

    My name
    is John and work for the Department of Defense in Germany for the Army in
    Ansbach, I have collected cards throughout my childhood and got back into
    collecting with etopps , but as the
    internet collecting platform has now died, I decided to get back into collecting
    more traditional cards....with that said I moved into collecting Allen and
    Ginter sets.

    My Allen and Ginter collection is moving along, but I am
    still a far way away from completing many of the sets. Started with ebay sales
    and am now looking to trade the rest of the way to completion. I have many cards
    for trade.

    My PCs are:
    Vintage Tobacco
    Allen & Ginter
    My completed sets (84-86 Topps Footbal, 89 Score Football and
    some more recent Topps Chrome Baseball 2010-11)

    Will be starting a
    photobucket account very shortly, feel free to hit me up if you see anything you
    like for some of my PC itemsl.

    More to Follow


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    Hi John
    Welcome to SCF, Best of luck with your collection

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    Welcome to SCF John
    Collecting Ben Roethlisberger and Charlie Batch
    “The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows.”-Buddha

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    Welcome! I'll take a solid look at any Posey you got ;)

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    John, welcome to the site and BOL with your sets.

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    Welcome to the forum John. Enjoy your stay.
    Drug and smoke free trading.

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    Hi John and welcome to SCF!! Good luck with your collection!

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    Welcome to SCF John, have fun here and enjoy yourself!

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