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    Anybody Trading high end Future Watch Auto's Some of my nicer traders available!

    Like the title says I am looking for high end Future Watch auto's
    LMK what you have here is some of my stuff up for trade
    Thanks for the look

    Don Cherry 2009-10 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Nicknames #UN-DC /25 BV $100.00

    Tyler Seguin 2012-13 Certified Signatures CS -TS........... "SSP" BV NA

    Matt Duchene 2009-10 Upper Deck Ice Fresh Threads Autographs #FT-DU /35 BV $100

    John Tavares 2012-13 SP Authentic Limited Autographs #113 SSP SV $100 +

    Sidney Crosby 2012-13 SP Authentic SP Chirography SPC-SC /35 SV $100.00 +

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