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    Vick RC's and GU sale or Trade.

    Looking for Pennington , Carr,Harrington,Brees or Cash only. I take paypal and I wont take lkess than 50% Bv for any of the Vicks. I'll take best offer. E-mail me At if interested.I will accept $45 for the graded Vick.

    Michael Vick-2001 Fleer hot Prospests(Rookie Prem Jerseys #31 )(Graded BGS 9 mint-(only 6 of 12 have been graded 9, none graded better) MY BV $70-$100 (no reported sales of graded vicks of this card, I asked beckett)
    Michael Vick RC-2001 Leaf Rookies+ stars #210 BV $50
    Michael Vick-2002 SP Legendary Cuts(classic threads#CCMV) BV $40
    Michael Vick Rookie Jersey(Virginia Tech-2001 Sage-(Michael Vick #MV1-#131/650) BV$60

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    would you be interested in a Carr Ultra rookie? I have one, and I'm willing to trade it. I don't know BV though.

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    It books for $20, not interested for any of the vicks.

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    I wouldn't be interested for a vick. I meant I'd be willing to trade for something else. Do you have a site for me to look at?

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    I am not really interested in that Carr RC. Looking for Rc of mostly $25 and up

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