Will sell (taking offers) or trade, LMK if you're interested. If you are offering some nice cards i also have contenders autos of airese currie and mark bradley. I can also offer up a Thomas Jones RC auto(although both bottom corners are a little dinged and some white showing, still a great card)

Adrian Peterson 2002 Donruss Classics Auto RC #/200
Justin Gage 2003 Bowmans Best Blue Auto RC #/499
Bernard Berrian 2004 SPX RC/Auto/Jsy #/1499

Game Used
Bernard Berrian 2004 Leaf R&S Longevity 3-clr RC #/50 BV$20 (slightly damaged surface)
Brian Urlacher 2000 Black Diamond RC/Jsy

Mark Bradley 2005 bowman chrome RC Red Refractor
Mark Bradley 2005 Zenith Rookie Roll Call
Mark Bradley 2005 UD Rookie Kickoff x2
Mark Bradley 2005 UD Rookie Prospects
Mark Bradley 2005 Topps Total
Kyle Orton 2005 Donruss Elite RC #/499
Kyle Orton 2005 Finest RC Refractor #/399
Kyle Orton 2005 UD Rookie Kickoff
Kyle Orton 2005 UD Rookie Prospects
Kyle Orton 2005 Score
Tommie Harris 2004 Donruss Classics RC #/925
Tommie Harris 2004 Press Pass SE
Tommie Harris 2004 Topps x2
Bernard Berrian 2004 Topps
Bernard Berrian 2004 Press Pass
Bernard Berrian 2004 Topps Pristine Uncirculated RC Refractor #/1099 x2
Nathan Vasher 2004 Bowman Chrome RC
Adrian Peterson 2002 Score x2
Justin Gage 2003 UD Star Rookies x2
Justin Gage 2003 Score
Cedric Benson 2005 Score
Airese Currie 2005 Topps Heritage
Bobby Wade 2003 Topps Total
Rex Grossman 2003 Topps