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    Quote Originally Posted by Drewk86a View Post
    Excellent point about the "game used memorabilia" notation. But even if it is not a jersey swatch, there is no real basis for a beef. Nothing on this card (front or back) suggests that it is guaranteed to be a jersey. It is a Frozen "Artifact" and a piece of "Memorabilia".

    It really does look like sock material than it does jersey material. I believe the jersey material would have a "looser" weave.
    No, that's fine with me. As long as it's legit, I don't really care what part of the uniform it is. Again, though, I find with this company there are more questions than answers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by habscards View Post
    What I wish would be that the card company would state the date that the game worn jersey was game worn in. It would be great to have that on the back of the card. I would actually look up the scoresheet and see how that player did.

    A Crosby jersey card from a four point game I would have a lot more interest than a Crosby jersey card from a game he had zero points.
    100% agree with u

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    Cuz ur awesome,Dr.Price i love and trust ur company 100% and hope ur company never gets desperate like others (no names mentioned,lol)

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    Heres a card kinda compared to the Worsley card,but this piece looks legit & vintage>>

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    Greaaaat thread guys...

    But honestly,whos gonna knw if its actual game used/worn,or its game issue,or from photoshoot or hell even a replica $99!?!

    If u look at the 2013 draft closely,u can recognize how some of the prospect have a different jersey on!! I saw a few with name/number in one interview,no name/number 13 only in another.....Guess what,they wear a few and then give em back,thats considered "AUTHENTIC NHL WORN JERSEY" right?

    sad to see but sellin most if my non ITG GU as well *sigh*

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    It all boils down to what you believe and trust. That Bucyk is the perfect example of why I do trust Panini. They seem legit. Can I say for sure that Panini, or even ITG are 100% legit? Of course not, there's no way to know. But my BELIEF is that ITG is 100% trustworthy, and I do believe Panini is above board as well. UD...well there have been too many fishy items for me to trust it completely. I do believe most of their stuff for current players are today's memorabilia is easy to come by. For their retired stars and legends though, I find they are far to liberal with their definition of "used in an official NHL game."

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    I have that SP Game used Gump Worsley, and while I know there's no way it was used in an actual NHL game, I'd be happy knowing the Gump wore it at some point, maybe at some sort of Alumni event, or maybe he threw it on when he took his dog outside for a dump. Just another reason I could care less about jersey cards nowadays.

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    I sure hope this one was misplaced,cuz as long as im a Canucks fan I dont remember Sedins wearing the black skate jerseys!!
    can someone tell me what this coild be! Thx

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    Quote Originally Posted by PersianCanucks View Post

    I sure hope this one was misplaced,cuz as long as im a Canucks fan I dont remember Sedins wearing the black skate jerseys!!
    can someone tell me what this coild be! Thx

    It looks like they switched Pavel & Danny's jerseys around........quality control issues, but probably nothing more to it than that
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    All Keslers All The Time

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