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    I agree with a lot said above, the photo shoot thing is a copout. Event worn jerseys shouldn't be used, it just isn't the same. The colors don't match, they weren't NHL game used, etc, etc. But it is what it is and I don't see it changing in any way. Still our choice in what we want to have. Here's a couple examples of what jerseys did look like back in the day - no offense to the Gump jersey, but no - they didn't look like that back in the day.

    And here is a perfect example of how UD should represent all their memorabilia. If it ain't from a real game, tell us what it is from!

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    Nyuk nyuk, I knew that, I was just funnin..........

    On a serious note, can you lease tell me what BAP/ITG set that Gordie Howe #9 is from? I have one cracked out of the case and there's not enuff info on the back.........

    Thanks eh!
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    The Gordie Howe is from 2000-01 BAP Ultimate Memorabilia, their first year of doing Ultimate Memorabillia. You can see the full checklist and information on the insert sets on their website - I hope it's ok to put web addresses in posts on SFC? My first week on this site so I apologize if I done bad.

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    Fear not, ya done good.
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