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    Weekend Sale and Trade Thread (Scans) High End

    These are the only cards I am looking for, otherwise, looking to sell

    2012-13 Panini Silhouettes, need a lot
    Rajon Rondo Bowman Chrome Auto
    Mainly looking for Silhouettes and certain Celtics autos:
    Xavier McDaniel Auto (Celtics uni )
    Dino Radja auto (Celtics uni)
    Dana Barros auto (Celtics uni)
    Paul Silas Auto (Celtics uni)
    Brian Scalabrine
    Dwayne Wade RC

    Shipping is 2.50$ for anything under 10$
    Will not ship internationally unless you pay for shipping or we discuss an agreement

    I will discount on some if you buy in lots, but will not discount very much on the high end cards. Not looking to give some away.

    Kyrie Irving Select 200
    Dennis Rodman 50
    Alonzo Mourning 40


    Clyde Drexler 2011-12 Silhouette 100
    Clyde Drexler 2012-13 Silhouette 80
    Kevin McHale /25 60

    Scottie Pippen /25 150
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    Bump bump!

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    hey there, pm me if you can do any better on the pippen. thanks!

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    PM sent and still no response dbird3312.

    Anyone else today?

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    Still looking to make some deals, will negotiate on the Pippen and others.

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    Sunday bump!

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    Thought I would have more bites on these, sad :(

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