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    Basketball boxes with the best overall breaks?

    There's a card show coming up in my area (Daly City, CA) in a couple of weeks and I'm trying to decide which box to get. Which '05-'06 basketball boxes out right now (something around $150 or less) have the best chance of getting good cards pulled? I've been looking at Topps First Row and from what I see it looks pretty good. Then again, I'm also considering picking up an Upper Deck product so that I have a chance pull a LeBron or Jordan auto. Looking for suggestions, thanks in advance.

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    I live in Daly City and the show(Serramonte) just passed. There might be a show in Tanforan but, I'm not sure about that.Are you going to the one on Memorial Day in the City?

    Now back to your question, I've had many more hits w/ Bowman and Topps compared to that of Upper Deck. I got really lucky w/ Pristine (Wade Auto) Topps Chrome (Wade Auto) and Bowman (Bogut Auto) whereas with the Upper Deck product I was better off just not even touching that stuff. I'll be getting myself another box of Chrome and try a box of First Row. There's a dealer at those shows that has Fleer Tradition for $20/box which I have a lot of funny breaking. They also carry 04/05 UD Black Diamond for $35/box if you need some cheap UD to break. More recently they had 04/05 UD for $36/box and 05/06 UD for $38/box. I'd stay away from the SPA because I've heard some bad things about some of the redemptions(PM if you want more detail) that I stay clear of that product.

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    Actually the show coming up isn't exactly in Daly City, but in San Bruno (Tanforan Park to be exact, according to the Beckett calendar anyway), so I shouldn't have said it's in my area, sorry for the confusion. As for the show in Serramonte, I didn't know that it just passed, but I think I was better off missing it, since I most likely would have been broke :(

    Also, thanks for the suggestions, I was fortunate when I broke last year's Pristine and Chrome, so I've considered those as well, but the chance of pulling a LeBron or Jordan auto is what's attracting me to Upper Deck. I agree with SPA though, I don't know about this year's version, but boxes from last year were extremely hit or miss.

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