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    Taking trade/cash offers for Ben Wallace 1/1 Poker chip

    Give me a cash offer (prefer), or a trade $$ value you are willing to give and I'll check your sites out thanks

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    if it's the 1/1 stamped version... I can offer $50 cash plus a 1/1 Autograph Jason Kidd. lmk

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    it is stamped by the way, I can get you a scan if need be

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    Would rather a little more cash if possible, I will pm you in a little bit maybe you will still be on, give me about 10 minutes or so.

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    Throw it up on'll get A LOT more than you expect.

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    if you want a little mor cash I can make an other offer:
    $100 cash plus a Steve Francis game patch 1/1

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    Ok, everyone who read the post, I just could not wait, I put it on Ebay for now, so if you want it make me a good enough offer to pull it down.

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