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    WTTF Cody Franson cup ARP either gold or /249 Also interested in a kessel Cup ARP

    Hey guys, looking to trade for a couple of Maple Leafs that started out on different teams. Would love to trade for these guys if you have a second to check out my bucket.

    Looking for a The Cup ARP's of Cody Franson, Phil Kessel, Van Reims(althought the bv is high) or anyone else really. I'm cool with gold versions as well. Would love to pull the trigger on a big trade. Thanks for looking guys. Would prefer multi color patches, not a big fan of the solid colours. Thx again.
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    Just seen the one your talking about, I appreciate the heads up, thank you. I'd prefer multi color patches, guess I should have mentioned that.

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    It has one sliver of white thread on the left hand side of the window ;) So technically 1.000001 colors :D

    LMK if you end up wanting to trade for it at all down the line. Thanks for the good luck Ari!!
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    Ill let you know for sure, thanks. If you wanna pm me a trade value/ selling price that'll be cool too. Thx

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    How's it going.
    Have the Franson APR #/249.
    Have any 12-13 SPA auto rc's?
    Let me know.
    Take care,

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    Hey mike, thanks for the reply. Do you have a pic of the Franson? I have all the FWA's from this years product except three, I'm doing the set myself so I'd be reluctant to trade them. If you wanna pm me a price or look thru my bucket and see if there is something else that would work? Also if you wanted to let me know which FWAs in particular, I maybe able to get them, then trade to you? Lmk. Thanks!

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