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    Last 3 packs of SP Authentic = pack war with my son.

    Last night I went out on an errand run to pick up groceries and hit the bank before it closed. This time around I took my 9 year old son Timmy with me. I always reward my "helpers" with a pack or two, so we snagged the last three packs of SP Authentic. We each picked one, and the winner opened the third. My pack was all base, except for a 12-13 Update card of Cody Hodgson, and my son pulled these two, first the Schwartz, then the Halak. Lucky little bugger. This is the same son that pulled the Orr autographed painting card from 11-12 UD, so his luck breaking packs with me is excellent...

    Both will be available for trade, thanks for looking!

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    Wow, talk about luck !! Congrats on these nice pulls.

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    Interested in the Halak, let me know what you'd like for it. Thanks

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