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Thread: Looking for 2012-13 Base cards

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    Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear. I was looking for something like "X" number of cards for "x" BV. SP Authentic is base set of 150, so I'm pretty sure I can get over 100. Fleer Retro is 100 base set, and I'm pretty sure I can get over 50.
    Hidden Content Wants: Any GU net cards, GU all star jsy, Int'l jsy, Capt C jersey and patch cards. Want Top shelf Goalie Gear:Osgood (skate)!
    Hidden Content
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    7 of the Artifacts
    13 of the Certified
    14 H&P
    some Fleer Retro and SP

    to make around 40-50$ BV

    but lmk your interest if the cards and well see

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    Got These

    12/13 Rookie Anthology

    12/13 ITG H&P

    Do you have a few Giroux lower stuff ? already have the Pinnacle on your list

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    bump looking to nish the certified, BL, Artifacts and RA sets

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    I have 64 of the 12-13 UD base you are looking for. I'll trade them for your 10-11 Victory Skinner RC if shipping is not too expensive.

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    i just traded skinner today sorry, you can look at others cards,

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