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    I'm a big fan of UD Young Guns and with all the big names coming this year I am nothing but excited! I had to buy two boxes of 10/11 series one today just to calm me down a bit ;)

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    Ugliest Young Guns ever, they jacked up the price and are overproducing (HG'S now /25?!?!). Yet ill still go over the top on boxes...

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    Anybody know the exact release date of Series 1? Also, is there a checklist posted up anywhere?
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    The checklist for the Young Guns will be posted later today by UD, along with some more pics.

    Release date is November 5th, just in time for the Expo!
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    What are the odds Brunner is in a Devils jersey?

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    Clearcut Stoppers are tres, cool.

    Normal Jersey cards and the MVP Rookie Cards are .... Meh......

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    Quote Originally Posted by EliasDevil View Post
    What are the odds Brunner is in a Devils jersey?
    Just asked on their FB page and got this:

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