Here is a list of OLD & NEW auto cards i am looking to maybe trade up with.

Goose Gossage
Anrde Dawson
Oddibe McDowell
Frank Tannana
Dave Kingman
Rick Reuschel
Whitey Herzog (On a 59 Topps card)
Bobby Richardson (1959 Topps card. Yankee)
Bobby Shantz (59 Topps card)
Doug Drabek
Bill Virdon
Tito Francona
Bill (MOOSE) Skowron (59 Topps card)
Herb Score
Andy Pafko (59 Topps card)
Jimmy Piersall (59 Topps)
Carl Erskine(On a 59 Topps card)
Sparkey Anderson (On a H.O.F card)
Bobby Doerr (H.O.F Card)
Bob Feller
Dontrell Willis (Sweet Spots)
Bart Star(GAI AUT.) In holder
Walter Payton (AUT. Topps PSA Holder)
Willie Mays (GAI Holder)