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Thread: Summer Improvement

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    Summer Improvement

    So has decided that these teams have improved the most during the offseason this year (so far).

    1. Detroit Red Wings
    2. Toronto Maple Leafs
    3. Philadelphia Flyers
    4. Columbus Blue Jackets
    5. New Jersey Devils


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    Detroit, yes they have improved. Weiss & Alfredsson should bolster that offense, they're a contender again.

    Toronto, they may have improved, but marginally. Clarkson will not replace the offense that Toronto lost when they bought out Grabovski (well, the offense they could have had, if coach would have used him better). Ignoring numbers from last year's shortened season.... Grabovski is a 50 point player in this league. Clarkson isn't. Gritter / Meaner?? Sure. Don't care much though.

    Bernier is a marginal upgrade on Reimer (with less NHL experiance) at best. I suppose that's not true.... maybe he's a world beater, and all the hype that's surounded him while he's rode that pine for 5 seasons is true.... but until he actually shows it, I don't buy it.

    Bolland does little to improve them. Gives them a steady (and overpaid) depth player. Nothing more.

    Philly, I'm not sure. I like the swap of Lecavalier in place of Breire, but I think they're headed for a disaster in net. I also don't believe they're done, they're going to move some cap space out still. Have to reserve judgement.

    Columbus will be a much better team when Nathan Horton is in the lineup. I can't imagine that's much more than 50 or 60 times next year. They're still not a playoff team, and in a (now) bigger eastern conference, they may actually be farther away.

    New Jersey?? I had to think for a moment, to remember what they did that would even count as an improvement. Ryder for Clarkson is probably a small upgrade for offense. Schnieder isn't going to play much (unless Marty is hurt) so that deal doesn't even do much, besides improve their depth.

    I think the people are overestimating what those moves did. Certainly, they are the 5 teams that made the biggest splashes. Horton & Clarkson were the two biggest name UFAs, Philly has done a big overhaul, Jersey pulled off the biggest trade of draft day, and Detroit signed a couple of very good players.

    If I had to say "most improved" right now, I'd go with Dallas.
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    I think New Jersey's improvement is Schneider when you consider the long term. They had no one for the after Marty and they now do...definitely their most important move.
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    I think the leafs are a better team today then they were a month ago. Are they the most improved. That's a tough one, I think Detroit did a good job, but most improved in my opinion is Philly. When you look at how many points they had last year, I think they will have the most improved record, emery is a solid goalie and will be playing for a big contract so expect him to play better then ever. Vinny is also an upgrade over Briere. It will be interesting to see. I think if the leafs can trade Phaneuf or liles for a solid stay at home D, they'd slide up to the most improved slot.

    I think Dallas improved for the long haul, not so much the near future.

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