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Thread: Couple cards for trade/sale

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    Couple cards for trade/sale

    Long story short I am doing a little project here with these cards. I am just looking for traders or paypal in return.

    Hunwick Elite rc /999
    Ellis Titanium bronze auto
    Leighton Titanium jersey
    Letang Elite Signings auto

    Price Fresh Threads dual jersey (rookie year)
    Baptiste H+P jersey gold /10
    Sedin/Sedin/Kesler Artifacts triple jersey
    Semin/Ovechkin Artifacts dual jersey

    Pouliot H+P patch silver /10 (CHL logo)
    St.Croix H+P patch black /25
    Hodges H+P number black /6
    Ceci H+P number black /6
    Traders/For Sale:

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    interested in this in

    Letang Elite Signings auto

    what are you needing in trade for it
    lmk or send me PM

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    "I also Trade based on BV, Not SV so dont quote me Ebay Sales"

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    Let me know what you are looking for the Price and the Pouliot. Thanks.

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    Anything on my page for the Ovechkin/Semin Jersey?
    Page here: Hidden Content
    Pics here: Hidden Content

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