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    Completed!* 2010-11 Pinnacle Pencraft Autos

    I've been working on this one for a while and it's finally done -- my first auto set. Really like how there's a lot of space for the auto so the autos don't have to be squished onto the card or a sticker.It's kind of an odd assortment of players. Some legends, some stars and then some guys that are a little more random to be a part of it. But they definitely look cool. I think it's taken about 18 months or so to put this together but I'm not quite sure. Some of these have been tough to find, especially the redemptions but it's all done! Even got a real good deal on the Crosby to finish it off, the icing on the cake. Now I need to figure out a cool way to display/store them. I think this is definitely going to be PC for good, no plans to sell it off or anything. Gotta keep your first set right?

    Now, one caveat is the asterisk in my title. I don't have the Jeff Carter card, but as far as I can tell that one doesn't exist. In two years I've seen it only once on ebay/comc/beckett/this forum and that was a redemption. Since it's never been included in those redemption announcements that Panini does, I'm assuming Carter never signed. All the other redemptions in this set (Phanuef, Gaborik off the top of my head) have been announced by Panini at one point or another.

    But anyway, on with the show!

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    That was about time! Haha, just kidding... amazing set! I agree that it's nice that the players were given lots of free space to sign on instead of having to limit their signature to a small sticker.

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    Nice set,i didnt even knw they exist!! Rare set i guess,congrats

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    This is one of my favourite auto sets from Panini. Big congratulations on completing it. Your complete set looks awesome.
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    That's great stuff! What are you going to do with it now? Get it framed or just keep it in the one-touches? Congrats on the accomplishment.
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    Beautiful set for sure, nice big auto spaces and the autos look clean

    get set to frame if you can afford it

    for sharing it with us

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    Thanks all!

    Quote Originally Posted by RGM81 View Post
    That's great stuff! What are you going to do with it now? Get it framed or just keep it in the one-touches? Congrats on the accomplishment.
    I think I would like to frame them, better than sitting around in a closet. But I'm not sure what the best way to frame them is, to be honest. I figure it's probably best to keep them in the one touches for the long haul, so they dont get warped or sun damaged. I guess frame em in the one touches?

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    Frame them,they gonna look sickkkk,but dont knw if it will look as gppd in toploaders! Can one of u pros reply plz,thx

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