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    Tip: Always let the shop owner pick your packs if you're unsure, 2 packs of 2013 SPX

    Now I posted this in the football thread but I thought I would show the hockey community as well because this is where I am mainly active on.

    Ok so I needed to head to the shop because I had to pick up some supplies and today was pay day. I don't normally buy football but this had just got in and was a fresh box. Well I was unsure whether to buy a couple packs or not because usually spx packs for hockey are $6 but these were over double that. But sure enough I let the shop owner pick me 2 packs. I don't know what I have here but it must be good because when you pull something like this in hockey it is usually really good. Anyway here is what he picked me out, thanks shop keeps!

    It is for sale only! Thanks, and any information on these would be very appreciated!

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    Is that numbering 1/5? or am I blind as a bat & it says 1/1. Anyways, sweet card! Paul Hornung I believe is Packers Hall of Famer.
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    Yes he played for the packers and the patch looks like a Norte dame were he played college he also won the heisman you should easily be able to get 200-250 if not more sweet hit and yes he is in the hall of fame

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    Awesome hit congrats!

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    Nice pull congrats
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