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    10-11 Upperdeck French Cards Question

    I bought a box of 2010-2011 French Upperdeck series one hobby for the first time and I opened a pack and inside there was a sleeve which had 2 cards in it. One card was a checklist that had a silver stamp saying 20th annniversity 1990-2010 and the other card said Le Certificat De Rachat De UpperDeck? Can somebody tell me what that means.

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    A little look at Google Translator tells me it's a certificate of authenticity. And what it means is that the checklist you pulled is a buyback, ie. it was originally released by Upper Deck some year in the past (the card in question should tell you which) and later re-acquired by UD and inserted into 10-11 Upper Deck as an insert. You might want to keep the certificate of authenticity with the card, otherwise you can't prove it's not from the original set of release.

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    Yup its a buy back card. I have a few of them. They seem to sell for about the same as what the non buy back sells for unless its a star then you might get a little more for it.

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    Thanks for letting me know. I pulled 2 cards that were already in sleeves. One was a Tim Kerr Card and the other was a Checklist 1990-2010 anniversity both had another card in the sleeve which was a coa I guess?

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