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    Why Justin Bieber is my hockey hero today

    Justin Bieber met the Stanley Cup on Tuesday.

    Well, he met it again, actually. In June 2010, the Biebs held – MY GAWD, HELD! – the Stanley Cup at “The Today Show” and no one really cared because that was back when he was an adorable pop tart instead of being Vanilla Ice auditioning for an N.W.A. tribute band.

    So now he touches the Cup and baby (baby baby oooh baby) is there a backlash. Mashable claims the image above fueled Internet rage from hockey fans that simply don’t have the technological acumen to do a cursory Internet search and discover Bieber is actually a hockey fan and player, which is something 99.9 percent of celebrities photographed with the Cup can’t say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doniceage View Post
    Vanilla Ice auditioning for an N.W.A. tribute band.

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    Hey, as long as he is not trying to urinate in it, I don't care what he does!!

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    Hey, he didn't WIN the cup.
    So he shouldn't be able to touch it. That's the tradition, isn't it?
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    lol like nearly every fan that poses with the cup touches it so idk whats the big deal tbh..its probably cuz every guy doesn't like him so theyre trying to find an excuse to criticize him. but I agree that stepping on the logo is kinda ignorant..
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    haters gonna hate.
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    I think "don't touch the cup" makes more sense than "don't use the middle of the floor" myself. That said"don't touch the Cup doesn't make much sense when people are putting their babies in it for luck and winners are peeing in it.

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    The problem isn't the touching of the Cup as others have said (heck thousands of people touch the cup each year), its that he dressed like a complete bum (black wife beater, gym shorts, backwards cap, huge sunglasses, and a long chain) and standing on the logo. That and the whole custom Bieber Hawks jersey and Hawks cap has struck a nerve with some as in the past couple playoff years he's been seen on the Bruins bandwagon, Wings bandwagon, Kings bandwagon, Jets bandwagon (wait do the jets have a bandwagon?), etc.

    People aren't blowing up the story because he touched the cup, they're blowing it up because he jumps from team to team whos ever successful really and then celebrates with absolute zero respect by standing on the logo dressed like white trash.

    Seriously, you get the honor from the NHL to have a private Cup meet and great and this is how he chooses to attend it;

    Did he just wake up that morning and say, "Alright I get to see the Cup today, whats the most D-baggiest trashy clothes I have"?

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    Oh so it's that he stood on the logo AND dressed unacceptably to some? That sounds way more reasonable. I hate this kid as much as anyone, but the no stepping on the logo is just stupid. How many people out there are ranting about Bieber standing there while they rub their junk on a pair of Blackhawks boxers all day?

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    Tradition is tradition tho and if he DOES play hockey and IS a fan, you think he'd know that and maybe respect it? Considering his behavior in almost every other aspect of life, then it's alllll about the lowered expectations. But look at the rest of his "kind"......they're all filthy rich and surrounded by a bunch of fawning sycophants, they do what they want and everything blows over sooner or later. WE'RE the morons for paying attention. I'M a fool for wasting my time typing this. Hahahaaaa gonna stop now before I decide to head to a liquor store.
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