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    Looking for LeBron rc & Josh Howard rc autos! Autos, g\u, MJ & rcs f\t. list insside

    Looking for some more LeBron rcs. I have a Bowman & Ultra comming in, lmk what you have f\t. Also looking for any Josh Howard rc autos & maybe a few Wade rcs.

    87-88 Fleer Jordan 2nd year bv $100 nrmt-mnt
    85 Star Jordan rc #10 of 10 bv $100 nrmt-mnt

    02 Contenders Ed Reed rc auto bv $50
    03 SP sig edition Terrence Newman rc auto bv $40
    95 Signature rcs Terrell Davis auto bv $30

    02 fleer authentix Ticket for Four Favre, McNabb, Culpepper, Couch quad jsy #d /200 bv $80
    04 Fleer Power swatched Donavan McNabb jsy #d /200 bv $15
    04-05 Bazooka Pau Gasol jsy bv $8

    89 Score Aikman rc mint bv $25
    89 Score Deion Sanders rc mint bv $15
    04 SPA Sean Taylor rc #d /1199 bv $10

    plmk & thanks,

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    03/04 Ultra Gold Medallion Lucky 13 Lebron BV $80

    Would take something real nice of Reggie Miller or Tayshaun Prince to get it.

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    topps chrome 80
    topps pristine 50
    ud city heights
    pics in bucket under pc.
    like the 2 jordans.

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    Like these
    topps chrome 80
    topps pristine 50
    Got any nice wade or maybe melo rcs?
    plmk & thanks,

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    got wade topps chrome and pristine too...
    melo... i think i have chrome and pristine available too... but im at work so i cant check till i get home in the morning. wade rcs in my bucket too... melo not scanned tho..ill check on melo in the morning and let you know what i got

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    Lik, thats gotta be the SICKEST collection I've seen on these boards. Could you do the 2 LeBrons (Chrome & Pristine) & the Michael Irvin auto jsy? Not sure of the bv on the Irvin, but would look nice in my recently started Cowboy pc.
    plmk & thanks,

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