I am looking to complete some of my Rams sets as well as obtain low end Rams inserts. I will pay .25 for low end inserts. I will list the base cards that I need. Let me know what you have and I will get back to you. I have team lots. I also have alot of Dan Marino Cards that I used to collect as well as a ton of Rams doubles that I don't need.
Below are the base set cards that I need. There are too many inserts and parallels that I need to list.

2005 Pristine Faulk & Bulger
Bazooka, Faulk
Bowmans Best Bruce
Leaf Certified Bulger
Leaf Limited Faulk, Steven Jackson, Deacon Jones
Score Holt
Topps Chrome Holt All Pro
Topps Heritage Holt, Faulk
Topps Pristine Faulk, Bulger, Jackson
Upper deck Mini Jersey collection Bulger, Jackson, Holt
Upper Deck Founations Bulger

2004 Donruss Classics Holt
2004 EX Holt,
2004 Finite HG Holt
2004 greats of the Game Dickerson
2004 Certified Materials Bruce
2004 Leaf Limited Bulger & Lamar Gordon & Holt
2004 Playoff Absolute Bruce
2004 Playoff Contenders Bulger
2004 Score Tinoisamoa
2004 SP Game Used Edition Bulger,
2004 SPX, Faulk
2004 Sweet Spot Faulk
2004 Ultimate Collection Bulger, Holt

Leaf Limited Faulk & Holt
SP Game Used Faulk Holt Bruce Bulger, Warner
SP Signature Edition Bruce, Faulk, Warner,
Topps Draft Picks & Prospects Holt
Topps Pristine Faulk Warner
Topps Total Bulger, Faulk, Cleeland, Holt
Upper Deck MVP Warner, Aneas Williams, Lamar Gordon,
Sweet Spot Faulk
Ultimate Collection Faulk

Fleer Tradition Jeff Wilkens
Pacific Adrenaline Bruce, Warner
Pacific Exclusive Canidate, Faulk, Wilkins
Pacific Heads Up Date Faulk
Playoff Prime Signatures Warner, Holt
Topps Reserve Faulk
Topps Chrome #148 Warner
Upper Deck #207 Warner
UD Graded Warner, Bruce, Faulk
Sweet Spot Faulk

Fleer Tradition # 67 Warner, #141 Fletcher, #228 Faulk, #366 Warner, #400 Rams
Leaf Certified Materials #62 Faulk
NFL Showdown Faulk, Fletcher, Warner
Pacific Impressions #114 Hakim
Pacific Invincible # 199 Canidate, #200 Faulk, # 201 Hakim, #204 Warner
Quantum Leaf # 170 Holt
Score # 253 Bruce LL
Select # 189 Warner, # 190 Faulk, 235 Holt AP, # 251 Holt LL, #253 Bruce LL, #277 Rivers
Titanium Bruce Faulk, Hakim, Warner
Topps Chrome Bruce, Faulk
UD Victory # 285 Canidate

Collectors Edge Masters Bruce , Carter, Faulk, Warner
Donruss Elite Warner
Leaf Limited Bruce
Score # 226 Holt SS, #254 Bruce AP, 268 Carter LL
Topps Season Opener Faulk, Proehl
Topps Gold Label Class 1 Bruce

Aurora Germaine
Collectors edge Masters Bly
Playoff Prestige EXP Trent Green
Playoff Prestige SSD Trent Green
Topps Gold Label Class 1 Bruce

Collectors Edge Advantage Pace
Collectors Edge 1st Place Pace
Collectors Edge Masters Banks, Kennison
Revolution Banks
Black Diamond Lawrence Phillips

Pacific Philadelphia #264 Gaskins
Playoff First and Ten Torrance Small
Ultra Torrance Small
Black Diamond Kennison

Presidents Reserve # 385 Conlon
Upper Deck #49 Walsh

Bowman # 96 James
Collectors Edge Black Label # 109 Miller
Collectors Edge Gold Logo Drayton , Miller, Young
Topps #435 Jesse James

1973 Topps #6 Chapple/Wilson LL
1974 Topps #331 Gerela/Ray
1975 Topps #215 Olsen/Reid AP
1980 #98 Charley Young
1982 #34 Bill Simpson
1991 Action Packed #133 Everett
1991 Pinnacle #15 Everett, #208 Delpino
1992 Wild Card #338 Terrell, #385 Gilbert, #407 Everett, #448 Wright, #449 Stams
1993 Pacific #192 Slater
1993 Proset #227 Drayton
1994 Collectors Edge #108 Drayton
1994 Pacific #218 Lewis, #419 Bostic